Perhaps you have access to the Cloud on your smartphone or personal computer. Don’t get it wrong, though — it’s not just a storage space for your photos, texts and music files. The Cloud is a major resource for your business. 

Others have already caught onto this fact, too. That’s why, for example, 28 percent of IT spending will move to the Cloud by 2020. Customer resource management has already funneled the majority of its spending into cloud-based services as opposed to software. 

On that note, you can save money on hardware and servers by making your own move to the cloud. And that’s just one reason why you should do it. Here are five other reasons to consider before making the move. 

1. Workplace Flexibility

A whopping 42 percent of the nation’s workforce went remote in 2020. This was, of course, in response to an international pandemic. But it shows that more people can — and will continue to — work out of the office. 

Having a Cloud-based server makes this easier to do. Employees can log on from anywhere and bring their own devices if they do come into the office. All of this can save money — for example, you might be able to rent a smaller office space and rotate who comes in, when. 

A physical server doesn’t always offer this type of flexibility. 

2. Guaranteed File Backup

What happens when the workplace server crashes? What happens if the hard drive fails, damaging important company files? 

You always have to worry about backup with a traditional setup. However, the Cloud holds onto your data no matter what. So long as you have internet access, you can see it all. 

3. Company Security

As you learn more about the Cloud and what it has to offer, you’ll realize it’s a boon to company security, too. 

Think about it: let’s say someone has stolen a company computer. If all of the files are saved locally, you can’t do anything to protect them after the fact. 

Meanwhile, if you have everything saved on the Cloud, you can log on your end and delete sensitive information from the stolen device. You always have data security with the press of the “delete” button. 

4. Automation

The Cloud will do a lot of work for you, in terms of scheduling, automatically updating and scaling your computing features. This isn’t to say you won’t need an IT department. However, you’ll take some of the work off of their plates and free them up for more important tasks. 

5. More Collaboration

When everyone’s on the Cloud, it’s easier for you all to work together. You can quickly share data with one another. And doing so prevents the team from having to repeat tedious tasks, such as data entry. 

If you’re looking for ways to boost productivity among your employees, moving to the Cloud could be an unexpected contender. The ease with which team members can collaborate through the Cloud will help them get things done in person or remotely. 

Move to the Cloud

These five reasons may have inspired you to make the switch and move to the Cloud. If you’re ready, we can help you with that. Learn more about our Cloud backup solutions here, then contact us online — and we can go from there.