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ITSM: IT Service Management Principles and Practices

You've lost your internet connection, and panic starts to set in. Your small business's operations have stopped, and you can't help but wonder how much money you'll lose. Research shows that IT downtime can cost an organization an average of $5,600 each minute, or $336,000 per hour. Technology-related downtime can easily happen due to problems like [...]

2024-02-27T14:22:03-06:00February 28th, 2024|IT solutions|

IT Network Security Management Guide: Workplace Edition

In 2020, the average cost of a data breach was a massive $3.86 million. Yet, many companies still don't take IT network security management as seriously as they should. This negligence can have disastrous consequences. Network security is crucial to prevent unauthorized access and vulnerabilities. So, how can you secure your company network? This [...]

2024-02-27T14:19:16-06:00February 21st, 2024|IT solutions|

Threat vs Vulnerability: Assessing the Differences in Cybersecurity

In today's increasingly digital world, cybersecurity is becoming more important every day. It's estimated that cybercrime will cost the world about $10.5 trillion by 2025. Any business that operates online at all needs to follow safe practices to protect themselves and their customers. Things can get complicated when talking about cybersecurity, so it's important to [...]

2024-01-31T12:39:14-06:00February 14th, 2024|IT solutions|

The Malevolent Network Security Issues Plaguing Businesses

The cybercrime industry is projected to cost the world over $10 trillion by the end of 2025. A major contributing factor is hackers who target businesses to compromise their sensitive data. Unfortunately, there's no shortage of network security issues that businesses face. Understanding common network security threats will help ensure you take the appropriate precautions [...]

2024-01-31T12:37:53-06:00February 7th, 2024|IT solutions|

Bulletproof Business Network Security: A Guide for SMBs

It only takes a few moments for a thriving business to crumble under the weight of a cyberattack. The average data breach costs businesses approximately $4.5 million. For many companies, this is impossible to recover from. Not only will you deal with financial costs, but you'll also damage your company's reputation. Details like these are [...]

2024-01-31T12:36:37-06:00January 31st, 2024|IT solutions|

6 Networking Security Tools Administrators Use to Great Effect

68% of business leaders feel cybersecurity risks are on the rise. The cyber threat world is always changing, and it's tough to keep up. To shield your company from security threats, you need competitive and watchful network admins. They guard against unauthorized access using various networking security tools. This piece spotlights key tools an [...]

2024-01-31T12:35:03-06:00January 24th, 2024|IT solutions|

The Basics of Conducting a PCI Compliance Test

It may surprise you to learn that consumers lost nearly $8.8 billion to scams in 2022. This is an increase of over 30% from 2021. In addition to scamming, criminals also hack into business databases to procure sensitive information. The most lucrative targets are those that handle customer payment information. Companies that hold this data [...]

2024-01-02T17:09:38-06:00January 17th, 2024|IT solutions|

Must-Have Network Security Monitoring Tools for Your Business

There's no shortage of cyber criminals looking for lucrative targets. Any company can fall victim to an attack, and even a single incident can be catastrophic. Data breaches in 2022 reached a record $4.4 million in costs. To defend against issues like these, you'll need to implement the right data monitoring strategy. You can use [...]

2023-12-29T19:30:32-06:00January 10th, 2024|IT solutions|

A Brief Overview of External Penetration Testing

It only takes seconds for a normal day at a business to turn into something catastrophic. One of the most common factors that leads to this scenario is falling victim to a cybercrime. The number of global cyberattacks increased in 2022, and they show no signs of slowing down. To combat this threat, companies implement [...]

2023-12-29T19:28:42-06:00January 3rd, 2024|IT solutions|

IT Savings: 4 Benefits of Server Virtualization

Imagine a realm where the constraints of physical hardware dissolve, where servers transcend their tangible confines to create a virtual symphony of computational prowess. This is the world of server virtualization, a revolutionary paradigm that transcends the limitations of traditional IT infrastructure. But why should you bother jumping into this world? Let's go through the benefits [...]

2023-12-27T19:50:58-06:00December 27th, 2023|IT solutions|
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