Did you know the global cloud storage revenue is about $4 billion? 85% of data transfer through cloud storage.

You may be wondering, “what is cloud storage?” Keep reading, and we will guide you through private vs. public vs. hybrid cloud storage and what would best fit your storage needs.

Different Types of Cloud

When companies use cloud storage and security, 87% see business acceleration.

The cloud helps make information accessible and secure.

You need to consider what the best cloud storage is for you and your business.

The cloud storage definition shows through the different types that you need to consider before you select one for personal or business purposes.

Private Cloud

The private cloud is a solution made for one single organization. This data center may be located onsite or run by a third-party.

Everything is isolated and delivered in a secure and private network and isn’t shared with other customers.

The purpose of the cloud storage is that it’s custom and meets the business and security needs of the company that is using this storage service.

The advantages include that private clouds are dedicated and secure environments. They can’t be shared or accessed by other companies.

The private cloud can meet high demands without having to worry about security and performance. There is a lot of flexibility, which allows for changes to the infrastructure as the business evolves.

Some limitations include that it’s more expensive and limited mobile use because of the high-security measures in place.

The types of companies that use the private cloud are highly-regulated, such as the government or large technology companies that require a lot of control and security.

Public Cloud

The public cloud is an excellent choice if you have predictable computing needs, such as setting up communications for a specific number of employees. It’s also helpful for testing new software and as an additional resource if you see a rise in demand.

There is price flexibility based on the SLA and scale of your project, so you need to make sure you’re keeping track of the cost because it can get high.

Another positive about price is there’s no investment in maintaining the IT infrastructure.

You need to be aware that the public cloud isn’t always the best route if you need high security and low visibility into the infrastructure. This may not meet compliance standards for highly-regulated businesses.

Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud is a mix of public and private cloud solutions. Apps can share the resources between public and private clouds based on the business’s specific needs.

For example, a business can use a private cloud for their IT work for more security. They can combine and use the public cloud for their infrastructure to help with an increase in network traffic.

This type of cloud is the right choice for companies with different IT security, regulatory, and performance needs.

What is Cloud Storage?

Now that you know the answer to “What is cloud storage?” and the different types of cloud storage, you can explore the best option for your personal or business needs. It’s not an either/or quick decision.

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