What if you no longer have to pause everything to fix an IT issue? Instead, you could focus on growing your law firm. With managed IT services for law firms, that reality is within reach.

There are thousands of law firm technology companies to choose from, though. The managed services market could grow by over 6% before 2025. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a new, inexperienced team.

Instead, read on! Discover the factors to consider before choosing managed IT services today.

Specialized Experience

Inexperienced IT companies sometimes encounter issues while offering services. They may not have access to a large team of IT experts. Perhaps they lack resources, industry know-how, or an efficient ticketing process.

Before choosing IT services, determine how long each company has operated. Find a long-established IT consulting company that’s outlasted competitors.

Consider how long they’ve specialized in law firm technology. These teams will have a better understanding of your needs and goals. Ask how many other law firm clients they’ve helped in the past five years.

If the team is new to the industry, continue your search. Find a company with the team and resources to grow your law firm. Otherwise, they may only slow you down. 

IT Services

Before contacting a managed IT company, determine your needs. Why do you need IT services? For example, you may want to:

  • Avoid delays and downtime
  • Implement new law firm technology
  • Improve your efficiency
  • Gain remote access to files
  • Improve your cybersecurity

Once you outline your goals, you can determine which IT services you need. Focus your search on companies that specialize in these services. For example, you may need cloud computing or cybersecurity services. 

About 43% of cyberattacks target small and medium-sized businesses. Only 14% of these businesses are prepared to handle such attacks. Protect your law firm and clients by implementing robust cybersecurity measures.

Learn more about each company’s approach. For example, perhaps they use a proactive approach.

These companies won’t wait until you encounter bottlenecks or suffer from an attack. Instead, they’ll audit your existing infrastructure and recommend immediate changes.

A proactive approach can improve your team’s efficiency. This can save you time and money later.


Read online client reviews for each managed IT company on your list. Check Google Business, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau. Look for a company with a positive reputation.

You may find comments about the company’s responsiveness. Avoid companies that can’t respond promptly when you need help. Otherwise, you’ll experience costly downtime.


Ask each company for an itemized list of their IT outsourcing services. Compare fees between three IT companies to recognize the average.

Review each company’s contract. Make sure there isn’t a cancellation fee or other hidden clauses.

Find Managed IT Services for Law Firms

Finding the right managed IT services for law firms can ensure your firm’s future success. Use these tips to guide your search. Choose a managed IT company that can excel at growing your law firm. 

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