How to Protect Your Business Cyber Security With Employees Working From Home

If you're running any kind of company, chances are you had to quickly switch to a remote work system due to the lockdown. While this new work method has many exciting possibilities, it also exposes your company to some new business cyber security risks.  So how can you keep your organization safe without compromising on [...]

2021-09-10T18:19:19-06:00September 24th, 2021|Cybersecurity|

Do Online Hackers Really Pose a Threat to Your Small Business

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a small business is to neglect your small business's cyber security. Despite the fact that cyber threats could have a devastating impact on your organization, many companies take very few cyber security precautions.  Companies tend to take a reactive approach where they only implement small business online [...]

2021-09-10T18:17:07-06:00September 17th, 2021|Cybersecurity|

How Often Should I Backup My Business Data and Is It Really That Important?

Properly managing the IT obligations at your company is one of the most important responsibilities you have as an entrepreneur. After all, the data your business works with is the lifeblood of your organization. However, issues can arise if you don’t properly archive your sensitive information. Asking yourself “should I backup my data?” We’ve got [...]

2021-09-10T18:15:52-06:00September 10th, 2021|TechTalk|