68% of business leaders feel cybersecurity risks are on the rise. The cyber threat world is always changing, and it’s tough to keep up.

To shield your company from security threats, you need competitive and watchful network admins. They guard against unauthorized access using various networking security tools.

This piece spotlights key tools an admin might use for your organization’s protection.

1: SIEM Systems

Admins track company networks with network monitoring. SIEM systems like SolarWinds Security Event Manager help spot potential anomalies, that suggest a security breach.

These networking security tools analyze real-time and historical data to detect security threats. Plus, they’re capable of automated responses, like instantly blocking unauthorized access from sketchy IP addresses.

2: Vulnerability Scanners

To dodge a data breach, you need to check for system weaknesses. Usually, a cyber attacker loves easy targets and uses exploits to waltz right in.

Outdated software often has security gaps for cyber crooks to abuse. Networking security tools like Intruder can scan your company network, finding these weak spots.

The cool part? These tools rank threats by severity. So your admin can tackle the big ones first and toughen up your system.

3: Network Scanners

Keeping an eye on your company network is just like guarding a physical building to prevent unauthorized access. Apps like Wireshark help you understand your local network’s nitty-gritty.

Use networking security tools for network scanning, letting admins track specific packets in and out of your network. This info often reveals sneaky cyber attackers lurking about in your network.

4: Firewalls

A firewall is your network’s first line of defense. It helps detect unauthorized access and keeps cyber attackers away from your systems.

You can customize your firewall to fit your business needs, so legit users won’t even notice it. Plus, modern firewalls can deploy automatic countermeasures based on current security threat intel.

5: Intrusion Detection Systems

Dealing with cyber crime isn’t easy, especially since cyber attacks happen super fast. Attackers can infiltrate and exit your systems in minutes, so you need a speedy and dependable detection system.

Intrusion detection systems keep an eye on your network traffic for sketchy activity and alert your admins ASAP if anything abnormal is detected. No manual input needed! Your admin can set up an automated response to block or isolate threats in an instant.

6: Encryption Tools

Got confidential data? You need encryption. Data regulations can land you in legal hot water if customer data isn’t safe.

Encryption, in a nutshell, scrambles data so it’s unreadable without a decryption key. Even if a cyber attacker snags encrypted data, they can’t read it. To dodge regulatory compliance woes, encryption is a must.

You Need These Networking Security Tools

As a complex task, network admins need the right tools to protect your company from cyber baddies. As the boss, it’s on you to provide top-notch networking security tools.

No worries, you can’t be expected to know these tools and run a business. That’s why partnering with a managed IT services company makes sense.

Inception Network Strategies has 20+ years of experience in keeping digital systems secure. Contact us today, and let’s chat about keeping your company safe and sound.