There’s no shortage of cyber criminals looking for lucrative targets. Any company can fall victim to an attack, and even a single incident can be catastrophic. Data breaches in 2022 reached a record $4.4 million in costs.

To defend against issues like these, you’ll need to implement the right data monitoring strategy. You can use network security monitoring tools to discern threats before they evolve.

Not everyone knows how to choose the right network monitoring software, though. Let’s explore some of the most notable applications you can take advantage of.

Alerting and Reporting

Many people overlook the importance of network reporting. This provides valuable data you can use to improve your network’s security.

You can use this software to seamlessly share information with your team or clients. Doing so helps you maintain transparency and keep everyone on the same page.

As the name implies, the software will send you alerts when circumstances need your attention. For example, you might get a notification if unusual network activity occurs.

Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis applications are some of the most important tools you can take advantage of. This type of network monitoring software lets you measure, analyze, and collect network traffic data.

You can quickly discern anomalies such as spikes or delays. From here, you can take action and resolve the issues before they get out of control.

Configuration Management

Key configuration attributes include IP addresses, policies, and passwords.

Avoiding configuration errors is crucial. The right software goes a long way toward helping you do so.

If your security applications don’t run appropriately, they won’t be as effective. You can use this software to restore your network settings. This can dictate whether you’re able to recover from a cyberattack.

Security Monitoring

The best way to improve your network’s security is by being proactive. When issues arise, you can take expedient action to resolve them.

Many security tools use automation to detect and eliminate threats. This means they can handle issues before you even learn about them. Companies in virtually every industry can benefit from this utility.

For instance, imagine if an attack occurred outside of traditional business hours. Without the right safeguards in place, the outcome could be catastrophic. Open-source network monitoring tools are great for security monitoring.

These allow the public to view and contribute to the source code. Under the right circumstances, these tools can be substantially improved in a short period.

Topology Mapping

This tool helps you visualize and understand your network’s layout and structure. It provides insight into connections and dependencies, as well.

One of its best uses is isolating network problems. Topology mapping is great for tracking network changes over time.

Leverage Network Security Monitoring Tools

Even a simple security breach can devastate a business. With the right network security monitoring tools, you’ll have no trouble keeping your data safe.

The info in this guide will ensure you make the right decision for your business. From here, you’ll avoid issues you might’ve otherwise encountered.

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