Employees, business owners, and managers all have one thing in common. How to be more productive at work.

Technology such as smartphones, social media accounts, email, and push notifications are the leading causes of distracted workers.

Positions requiring employees to wear multiple hats or take on additional workloads also cause business productivity to slow. These same individuals don’t believe they have the tools or technology necessary to complete tasks efficiently.

But the right technology used properly can boost a business’s and individual’s productivity. Today’s technology in the office or worksite improves communication, workflow, efficiency, planning schedules, and engage employees.

If you’re a business owner, manager, or work in HR, here are several great reasons to incorporate technology to boost business productivity.

Open Communication

Miscommunications in the workplace can cost small to medium-sized businesses around $420,000 per year.

Communication is one of the most misinterpreted areas of businesses in need of serious help. But how can we fix it?

Group chats and company instant messaging is a quick and easy way to communicate information to a large group. Business plans, schedules, changes, and more can all be shared in a group chat or instant messaging app. All of this leads to improving business productivity.

There’s no need to play a game of phone tag, send emails back and forth, or chase workers down with a group chat. Before you welcome group chat into your business, make sure to have policies in place as to how and when to use it.

Streamline Simple Tasks

Think about all the small tasks you perform daily. They may take only a few minutes each day, but over a week, month, or year those minutes add up. Can these tasks become more efficient?

In most cases, yes! Automation software is a wonderful tool that cuts time and improves business productivity.

Imagine you’re in marketing and receiving emails from prospective clients. Rather than reading and responding to each email individually, set up email automation through customer relationship management software (CRM).

Watch your business productivity soar by having automation software take handle simples tasks for you.

Successful Password Management

How many times have you forgotten a username or password? Even if you rarely forget a password, there are bound to be others in the business who will.

A password management system is a secure solution to manage business passwords. They allow employees to access certain passwords without needing to contact your IT specialist or another employee to help.

Password management systems keep business productivity cruising when you forget a password.

Get Time Under Control with a Calendar App

Improve your time organization game with a calendar app. They’re easy to use and come preloaded on most computers and phones.

If you’re looking to set reminders to keep you on track, add events, deadlines, meetings, and more to your calendar. Share your calendar with your colleagues to keep everyone in the loop of your schedule.

Using a calendar app throughout the office or workplace will improve both individual and business productivity.

Be a Goal Setter

For technology in the workplace to boost business productivity, you need to set goals.

Record and keep track of your goals in goal-setting apps on your smartphone or computer. Use reminder apps to help you achieve each step of your goals.

Setting periods around 60-90 minutes as uninterrupted work time. Pair your goals with technology (or avoid some technology) during the workday and you will notice your business productivity soar.

Let’s Boost Business Productivity

Now it’s your turn to give it a try. Integrating just a few new apps to manage your time and tasks will not only boost business productivity but make everyone feel a sense of accomplishment.

Learn more about what technology and IT services can do for you and business. Our latest news articles will keep you on top of all the latest IT tips and trends. Contact us for more information!