Did you know that twenty percent of all small businesses will be hacked within one year? For many small businesses whose business operations are increasingly relying on technology to store their important information, that statistic should terrify you.

If your business data all of a sudden disappear one day and you do not have a business data backup solution, that can adversely affect your business. Your data is your most important asset and you should take the steps necessary to protect them.

If you want to know how often your business needs to back up its business data on the cloud, then keep reading.

Why Backup on the Cloud?

One of the best data backup solutions for small businesses is the use of the cloud. A cloud storage solution will have remote storage, making sure the data is stored off-site. The cloud will always be accessible as opposed to on-site storage solutions that can be affected by external events which take away your ability to access your data locally.

When you want to feel protected against potential security threats that could destroy your data, backing up your data ensures there is another location where you can reaccess your files without any risk of corruption. Any information about how to access the cloud directly should be safeguarded.

Strategies to Use

Backups do not work well just by themselves — you have to make strategies for what data is worth protecting at any given time.

One strategy that many businesses have used is the 3-2-1 strategy. This means that you should have three copies of an important file, two of those copies should be on different external locations (i.e. a hard drive), and one should be in the cloud. You can also do 3-2-2 or 3-2-3 with the same ideas as above.

The first backup with these strategies may feel tedious, but it will save you a lot of time.

How Often to Backup Data

Any important data that is crucial to your small business should be backed up at least once a week. Yet you should preferably set it up to once every twenty-four hours. Many data backup solutions available today will help you set up a specific time and day of the week you want the backups to occur.

You may think this sounds extreme, but it gives you the best opportunity to make sure you are not able to miss or lose important data, especially if something happens overnight.

Protect Your Business Data by Backup

Backing up your business data is necessary. For this day and age, as it determines how successful your small business will be. If you have a method of cloud backup or other backup solution, you should take advantage.

Remember: only constant backup will make your data easy to access if something goes wrong. Take the steps to protect yourself.

If you want to know about great data backup solutions for small businesses, then contact us to learn more about them. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the subject matter.