Did you know that over half of U.S. businesses fail after 5 years or less? Sometimes, outdated network equipment adds many unnecessary costs to keep up with competitors.

If you have a digital business, it might be time for a computer upgrade or time to get a new commercial router. Network upgrades might seem like a big investment, but the benefits are more than worth it.

From wifi equipment to commercial computers, the following guide will explain when to upgrade your equipment.

Age of Network Equipment

Upgrade your security software every year or when new versions become available. Last year, cyber threats were a huge problem and companies need to have the latest and greatest security updates in 2023, too.

For wifi networks, upgrade your equipment about every 2 to 3 years. Outdated WiFi networks can’t handle the fast connections of today, especially for growing networks. Newer software also requires the most advanced wifi networks.

Plan to upgrade switches and routers once every 5 years. If you don’t replace them, you’ll run into slower speeds, reduced range, and excessive heat.
You only need to upgrade your wiring about once every 10 years unless they become damaged. However, if you haven’t upgraded to fiber optic connections already, you should make the change as soon as you can.

Business Changes

If your business just experienced quick growth, you’ll need upgraded network equipment to handle the change. You might also need to move equipment to new locations or new departments after rapid growth.

You need to enhance your network if your company just went through a big change in direction. A shift in business focus might require things like added servers, more security, or new SaaS applications.

Operational Delays

You may have fairly new equipment but still see a spike in service tickets to your IT provider regarding delays. In this case, you need more powerful equipment to handle your workload.

Consult with an IT specialist to determine where your network shows weakness. They can suggest specific upgrades to keep you up and running without costly delays.

The Value of Upgrades

No matter how great or expensive the technology is, it doesn’t last forever. There comes a time when it costs more to use old outdated equipment than it would to simply update your network.

You might think you’re saving money by keeping your old equipment around until it completely breaks. But not upgrading your equipment uses more resources and ruins efficiency.

Consistently spend money to update your network and the investment will save you money in the long run. Plus, upgraded network equipment gives your customers and employees a better experience.

Upgrading Network Equipment

So, do you feel like your network equipment needs an update after reading this guide? If your current equipment is too old, too slow, or costing you money, act quickly before it becomes more difficult to upgrade.

We hope these network tips will help you speed up your daily operations and take your business to the next level. You can contact us at Inception Network Strategies for more ways to enhance your network.