Technology is one of the biggest parts of a business’ success. But even in our technological business world, many company owners still struggle with IT tasks. For example, 50% of small business owners say their biggest IT challenge is implementing different systems and applications.

This is one of the many reasons why all businesses should have a reliable managed IT service provider. Managed IT support companies can provide a range of services. If this is your first time seeking IT support companies, you’ll first want to know what to expect from your IT company.

Here are the different services that an IT firm can provide.

Help Desk Support

Even with the best technology, there are times when your systems fail or your customers have a question. This is when you and your customers need experts at their fingertips. IT support services can troubleshoot problems and will use their expertise to quickly find a solution.

The best managed service solutions offer 24/hour help desk support so you always have support, no matter what time of the day.

Network Maintenance

Ideally, you shouldn’t have to call your managed service provider when your service is down. That’s because many managed IT services offer network maintenance services.

IT service companies will regularly monitor your systems. They can immediately detect and fix the situation. Some of the network maintenance tasks they will perform include server management, system diagnostics, and will overall test your system to ensure it’s running smoothly.


Cybersecurity is one of the biggest issues a company faces. A data breach can result in lost finances, legal repercussions, and you’ll lose customers in the process.

Did you know a cyber attacker spends 146 days within your network before being detected? The best managed IT solutions company has the experience to not only detect a hacker but prevent your systems from being compromised.

IT services will also implement more system security measures and can update your software to heighten your safety.

Backup and Recovery

In case your systems do get compromised, you don’t have to pay a hacker a large fee to retrieve your data. Cybercrime isn’t the only cause of data loss. System damage, a power outage, and a virus can also wipe your systems clean of valuable data.

Managed services will regularly backup your data. They will save your most important files to an off-location source so you can always access them.

Everything Is Done Remotely

Gone are the days where businesses need to hire in-house IT solutions. Now, your managed IT service providers can monitor your systems from a remote environment. This not only saves you money but your day-to-day operations won’t be disrupted.

Hire a Managed IT Service Provider Today

With more reliance on technology, all businesses need to find a reliable managed IT service provider that offers these core services and more. That way, you can focus on what matters most — your business.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to look any further for small business IT services. Contact us today to get started!