In 2023, 35% of workers with jobs that can be done remotely are working from home every day. Other workers are working remotely part of the time.

Although these numbers are down since the pandemic, there are 7% more remote workers than before the pandemic started.

Remote work comes with many benefits for employees and employers, but it complicates internal communication. A VoIP hosted telephone system is a great solution.

Keep reading to learn how this type of business phone can help you manage remote teams.

Using a Hosted Telephone System for Remote Workers

A VoIP hosted telephone system for remote workers helps teams stay connected during work hours.

Remote employees can turn the phone they use for the office into an IP phone if they have internet access. This allows employees to make and receive conference and business phone calls.

Remote staff can gain a sense of professionalism by being available for clients and customers in any location. Employers can also reach out to employees at any time, even if they are out of the office.

VoIP phone systems also support multitasking. While an employee engages in conversation, they can send videos, images, and documents to clients or other staff members.

How Does a Hosted VoIP Service Work?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, allows businesses to place voice calls with an internet connection instead of using a traditional phone line.

Some VoIP systems limit calls to users within the same service. Others allow calls to anyone with a phone number.

When you initiate VoIP calls, the business phone number app or VoIP adapter converts from an analog signal to a digital signal. Digital voice data is transmitted via the internet and forwarded to the caller on the other end.

Compared to conventional phones, VoIP phones have superior sound quality. You do need a stable internet connection to reap this benefit. A managed VoIP service might offer call rerouting if your internet goes out.

Key Benefits for Remote Workers

VoIP communication software benefits employees and the business as a whole. The top advantages of using these services are:

  • VoIP phones can be scaled quickly
  • VoIP can reduce your phone costs
  • VoIP can integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) tool
  • VoIP gathers data for faster internal decision-making
  • Metrics monitor employee activities

Because remote work is so prevalent these days, the biggest benefit is that VoIP phones allow for remote work. With an internet connection, teams can respond to voice-to-text emails, video chats, and other communication forms.

Set Up a VoIP Phone System Now

If you have staff working from various locations, a VoIP hosted telephone system is a great communication tool. With an internet connection, VoIP allows internal communication from any location.

Whether you already have remote workers or want to transition to remote work, VoIP makes that possible. It can also save your business money and allow for quick scalability.

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