Organizations globally are making a significant shift to conducting operations over the cloud. By 2025, experts believe that 85% of companies will be “cloud first.” Currently, the cloud stores over 60% of corporate data.

It is only natural that the cloud business phone system is becoming popular. Cloud phone business systems make sense for companies that collaborate globally and wish to lighten their load with less office space.

It presents one more opportunity to be agile. It is reliable, scalable, and safe. Keep reading for a closer look.

How It Works

Cloud business phone systems route calls and messages by using the Internet. Therefore, it does not require software installation to the business phones or computers for them to work.

The business phone system will work immediately from anywhere, anytime, by logging into your account. All you must do is subscribe to the cloud business phone system provider.

By signing up, you can make or receive calls with any device. Depending on the features that your business phones require, you can use tablets, computers, smartphones, etc. Under your account, you can set up the users for each business device. 

1. When You Should Upgrade to the Cloud

Compared to a traditional business phone system, the cloud business phone system is affordable and lightweight. Still, you want it to be the right option for your unique business. Here are the factors you must consider.

First, it requires an Internet connection, so you must have consistent Internet. Second, while the cloud works with mobile and desktop devices, if you have a traditional phone system to consider, you must find out if it will be compatible.

Last, a third party stores and manages the data of the cloud business phone system. If you need total data control, this may not be right for your company. 

2. Easy Set-Up and Maintenance

Remember, you only need a web browser and an Internet connection to kick off. There is no expensive equipment to purchase, and you won’t need IT to support it. It is super simple for organizations using Office 365 because your people already have Skype for Business Online.

The cloud business phone system is for users at all levels. You do not need to be a tech guru; you can customize it. It is easy to scale up and down, too.

3. Secure and Private

It is not hosted in a company building. Instead, servers at data centers will host it. This means that only an authorized employee can access it.

You can grant access to firewalls, secure passwords, and other security measures to those you authorize. This does not affect the cloud business phone system’s performance or its availability to users.

The Benefits of a Cloud Business Phone System

The cloud business phone system is an excellent option if your organization has consistent Internet and does not require complete control over its data. While setup is easy, Inception Network Strategies can make it a snap! We are a hassle-free, managed service provider.

We help small businesses and financial institutions in middle Tennessee daily with IT support, consulting, and managed IT services. Contact Inception Network Strategies today to learn more.