Did you know that unemployment among computer science graduates is double the average rate? Why would one of the fastest-growing fields have so many unemployed graduates?

One reason is that IT companies want their employees to have real-world experience. Otherwise, it’s as if their qualifications are incomplete.

This leaves small to medium business owners in a difficult position. For their IT teams, should they hire inexperienced graduates, or pay for the pros?

Actually, there’s a third option that saves both time and money: managed IT solutions. Plus, they keep your business’ data and communications more secure. Read on for just some of the benefits of managed IT for your business.

Reduced Downtime

Managed IT solutions provide you with access to experts, without hiring them full-time. Their work is of the highest standard in IT. So they are the fastest people to resolve issues.

If your IT network has a problem, they’ll work to solve it immediately. That means minimal downtime for your systems, keeping your data secure! 

Professional Security Support

Even when not fixing system issues, your IT services are on call. Whatever questions you have or support you need, they’re there to help.

Their expert advice ensures you’re always running the most secure systems. And if you want to upgrade, they’ll find you the best solution.

Improved Productivity

IT management services take on the daily workload of your IT department. If your company still has an IT department, management services free up their time. Your IT team can focus on more high-value work like security, rather than managing basic systems.

Up-to-Date Systems

Buying and updating systems yourself is expensive, especially for smaller businesses. Choosing to update your IT network can involve a huge upfront investment.

Managed IT services relieve you of this burden. You’ll always have the latest and most secure technology in just your monthly plan.

Highly Secure Systems

Small to medium businesses have to balance the cost of security with their needs. Going too cheap risks your data. But it’s easy to overpay out of paranoia, especially since a data breach costs companies an average of $18,000.

Remove these difficult decisions with managed IT. They manage your security, protecting your data and communications under your regular fee.

Plus Cost Savings

Besides IT security, managed IT also saves you money! There are at least three ways it does so:

  1. Your IT department can focus on high-value work
  2. Professionals work for you without you hiring them
  3. You have access to the latest systems and security without buying it

Considered together, this translates to savings year on year!

How to Choose Managed IT Solutions

Managed IT solutions are the best IT option for your business. Even though they save money, they provide better systems and security than a small in-house department. How can you find the best managed IT service for your business?

You already have.

It doesn’t get more up-to-date and affordable than Inception Network Strategies. That’s because we take a customized approach.

Based on your size, budget, and needs, we develop a custom network design. It ensures you have exactly what you need, without paying for excess services.

For a fully-customized IT management solution, talk to us today.