If cybercrime was measured as a country, it would be the world’s third-largest economy after the United States and China. This would surpass the wealth of entire nations, inflicting damages totaling $8 trillion USD in 2023 alone.

Needless to say, cybercrime is a huge problem and businesses need to take caution. There are different ways to mitigate the risk of data breaches and hacks.

If you want to prevent network security vulnerabilities, keep reading to learn what practices you should implement.

Segmentation of Network

To prevent network security vulnerabilities, you can separate your network into different segments.

You don’t want your internal network to be connected to the external network. This way, the machines in the internal network aren’t accessible from the external network.

Misconfigured devices are one of the most common network vulnerabilities. Attackers can access devices in the network and use them to expand their presence in the target network.

It only takes one misconfigured device to compromise the network. This is why network segmentation is important.

Network Vulnerability Scanning

Business network security requires vulnerability scanning. Avoiding security threats is difficult, but you can minimize risks with regular network vulnerability scanning.

Scanning will identify well-known threats and lesser-known threats to your network security so that you can remove them effectively.

Vulnerabilities might be a result of any of the following:

  • Misconfigured firewalls
  • Outdated software
  • Open ports

Network vulnerability scanning helps businesses avoid malicious attacks by identifying holes in network security.

Download Available Updates

You should never postpone software updates. Whenever updates become available, install them right away.

You can set your systems up to automatically update when new versions become available.

When you keep your software up to date, you lessen the risk of exploits and bugs. Updates act as patches that can fix problems in programs on your computer.

As attackers become smarter, your security needs to adhere to these changes. Downloading updates can also keep your business up to date with data security and compliance.

Use Strong Passwords

Human error is one of the most common reasons for network attacks. Make sure your staff is aware of emerging threats. They should also always use strong passwords.

The longer the password is, the harder it will be to track. Passwords should be 10 or more characters and combine a variety of special characters, letters, and numbers.

If your staff struggles to remember complex passwords, implement a password manager to help out. A password manager is a technological tool that safely helps users create, manage, and save passwords across different devices.

Prevent Network Security Vulnerabilities

In addition to using the above tips, the best way to prevent network security vulnerabilities is to hire an IT services provider. At Inception Network Strategies, Inc., we can help your business understand ever-evolving technologies.

With our help, your business will have the latest programs and scanners to prevent attacks. Since 2001, we have been making a difference in managed IT.

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