Between rushing through emails to move on to the next task at work and the many devices that we look at messages on, it can be difficult to spot phishing emails. However, it’s important that you take a few extra precautions to ensure that your business’s data isn’t being compromised. When phishing has an adverse impact, Nashville IT support utilizes a disaster plan and can help get your operations back up and running. However, the best practice is to avoid phishing emails altogether. Here are a few tips that address the why and how of preventing phishing emails in the office.

Hover your cursor over the link

When you get an email from a source that you believe to reputable, don’t immediately click on the links that are within the email. First, hover over the link, and the actual address that you are being sent to should show. If the two links don’t match, then you should reach out to Nashville IT support to alert them to the problem you’ve detected.

Check the email address twice

You probably always glance at the email address when you’re going through your inbox, but when trying to avoid phishing, you should check this twice. Even the smallest variation in the address can be an indicator that the message is not from someone in your office or a business associated.

Make sure all of the branding efforts are the same in the email you think may be spam versus past emails that have been sent. If there is a dash out of place or the logo or signature is off, even just a hair, get in touch with IT support in Nashville.

Don’t use your work email for personal use

People tend to be a little riskier when it comes to emailing for personal use whether you’re shopping online or entering sweepstakes. The best rule of thumb is to create an email account with a unique password that is used for personal purposes beyond work and emailing friends and family.

When in doubt, reach out directly to the sender

You may notice little things like the sender did not use your name in the email or the address, or the signature is different than normal. If you have the information of the sender handy beyond the email, go ahead and reach out via phone or in a new email that you know to be theirs. Ask if the link they sent was accurate and meant for you to click on to ensure you aren’t compromising information.

Get IT support involved

It doesn’t matter if you have a small and growing business, or you have been running a large company for years, Nashville IT support is the ideal way to avoid phishing. We understand that your company information is vital to your success and it needs to be protected from outside entities. Managed IT services will customize a disaster plan for your business and makes sure you have the highest level of security.