Did you know that workers can waste up to 20% of their time due to computer problems? As a law firm, you can’t afford to lose that kind of time. This is why it makes sense to work with IT support for law firms. 

IT support companies can help you to optimize your workstations, fix technical glitches and keep your firm cyber secure. 

Tailored Software Solutions

Chances are your law firm relies on specialized legal software. This software helps you manage case documents, client information, and billing. If you want to work with an IT support company as a law firm, it makes sense to go with a company that has extensive legal software knowledge. 

Managed IT services can leverage this knowledge to ensure efficient functioning and seamless integration of your software. They can also help you to introduce new software to your firm to increase productivity and efficiency. 

Security Compliance

As a law office, you need to comply with all data regulations. Since legal offices handle huge amounts of sensitive data every day, they need to take steps to ensure that data is secure. 

IT support companies can help with this. A managed services provider can set up various robust cybersecurity measures to ensure your firm is resilient to cyber-attacks. 

Managed IT solutions can also ensure your firm complies with all appropriate data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, or CCPA. Complying with these standards minimizes the chance your firm will take a reputational hit due to a data breach. 

Keep Software Updated

Did you know that not updating your software is actually a security risk? When you download a software update from a publisher, you’re getting more than just new features. 

Software companies also implement new security features. Cybercriminals often find glitches and exploits in software they can take advantage of. When the company becomes aware of the problem, they create a fix. 

Failing to update your software quickly enough could result in a successful cyberattack on your firm. Managed IT services can ensure your software is always kept as up-to-date as possible. 

Data Backup

Another important part of keeping your organization safe is backing up your data. As a law firm, your data on cases is vital. If that data wasn’t available, your firm’s attorneys would struggle to continue. 

This means you’ll need to have a robust data backup system in place. The best backup systems involve storing data in multiple locations and making the backup process automated. 

Managed IT service providers can set up a backup system that works in the background, always ensuring your firm’s information is kept safe. 

Data backups also mean you’ll be able to resist ransomware attacks. Instead of paying the ransom, you can simply roll back to a previous backup. 

IT Support for Law Firms Is Crucial

If you want to keep your IT systems running efficiently and securely, you need to work with the right IT support for law firms. Inceptionnet has years of experience managing IT systems.

Contact us today, and let us explain how we can help transform your IT infrastructure.