83% of businesses have experienced a data breach at one point or another. These breaches can cost your business hundreds of thousands in penalties, leading to a loss of the reputation you’ve worked hard to obtain.

If you’ve been a victim of a cyber breach, you must begin looking into the various network security solutions that will aid in protecting your network and all its information.

Read on to learn more about the best practices for your business networks, and from there, you can work to get your IT support group up to speed.

Perform a Network Audit

Before you can determine what network security solution will work best for you, a network audit needs to be performed. This is so you can properly determine the vulnerabilities within your network and find applications that aren’t being used so you can eliminate them to increase the efficiency of the network overall.

The audit should also assess the strength of the firewall you’re currently using to protect your business network. Your IT support group should do this routinely to ensure you’re protected.

Outsourcing to IT Support Companies

Another common practice taking over is for businesses to outsource their IT departments to a third party. This allows you to access a group of experts who are knowledgeable of the ins and outs of IT and can ensure you remain in compliance at all times.

Another reason to outsource your IT department is because it can be a more cost-effective solution, known as pay-as-you go. Most third-party companies will allow you to customize a package specific to your business without paying for anything extra.

And, of course, if you need to add services to your package, this can be discussed and adjusted.

Have a Recovery Data Plan

There are times when essential data hasn’t been backed up properly. This can be detrimental and dangerous if you face a data breach and lose data you can’t get back.

Highly sensitive data should always get backed up in case it needs to be recovered promptly. The only way you will be able to retrieve lost data is if you have a backup plan.

Most companies have an offsite network where all necessary data gets backed up at the end of each day. This ensures that you can recover the breached data even if your business becomes affected or attacked. This reduces the amount of downtime you have and reduces the cost of data recovery.

Perform Ongoing Maintenance

Have you ever had a notification appear on your desktop? Most people press ignore, but the issue with doing this is it can leave you without the protection your network needs.

A practice you need to implement and make the standard is for routine maintenance to take place throughout the network. This means making any necessary updates and cleaning the network out as needed.

Network Security Solutions: Protecting Your Network

When you’re searching for network security solutions, there are some things you need to do ahead of time. Ensure you assess your network to determine your needs and perform routine maintenance.

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