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If You Are Using An Older D-Link Home Router, You May Be At Risk

According to researchers at Bad Packets, hackers have been running a hijacking campaign which is targeting older versions of D-Link's home routers. These routers are older units, typically used in DSL customer homes. The models include: D-Link DSL-2640B, D-Link DSL-2740R, D-Link DSL-2780B, D-Link DSL-526B, D-Link DSL-2640B, D-Link DSL-2740R, D-Link DSL-2780B, D-Link DSL-526B, ARG-W4 ADSL [...]

2019-04-05T13:12:39-06:00April 5th, 2019|General|

Planning an upgrade to Windows 10? Better hurry!

  If you haven’t already upgraded your PC to Windows 10 (and Microsoft hasn’t forced it upon you yet), time is running out for the free upgrade. According to Microsoft, the free upgrade to Windows 10 will officially expire on July 29th, 2016. After that, an upgrade will cost roughly $120.00 per PC. Your PC [...]

2017-04-28T17:31:56-06:00July 13th, 2016|TechTalk|

Wireless and Your Small Business

 If you own a small business, chances are you already have a wireless network in place. Often, these wireless devices are configured out of the box and there is no real setup involved. Because of this, wireless security is typically overlooked in the small business space, which makes wireless both useful and a potential security [...]

2021-10-07T14:22:44-06:00July 7th, 2016|General|

Windows 10 in your business: Should you upgrade?

We often have clients who ask if they should replace their aging business computer with a new one running Windows 10, or if they should just stick with Windows 7. When these questions arise, they are usually accompanied by questions about the start button debacle that began in Windows 8, along with questions surrounding how [...]

2017-04-28T17:31:57-06:00May 13th, 2016|TechTalk|

Dealing With a Ransomware Infection: Real Life Scenario

 It seems as more and more of these ransomware infections come out, the good guys are starting to be able to get decryptors made to get files returned to their working state.   We were recently approached by a small company who found themselves infected with a newer strain of ransomware known as Nemucod .Crypted. (In the [...]

2021-10-07T14:02:27-06:00April 29th, 2016|TechTalk|

Opening E-mails With Attachments? Read This First.

A client recently sent this e-mail screenshot asking if it was legitimate. This individual is with a company that recently posted a job opening in TN. The body of the email seems innocent enough, stating they are looking for a job. This looks legitimate. However, the telling sign here is in the “Sender’s” domain [...]

2021-10-07T14:00:57-06:00February 25th, 2016|General, TechTalk|

TechTalk: Stopping Persistent Notifications to Upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft has recently amped up their efforts to increase install base of Windows 10. Being offered for the first year as a free upgrade and marking the return of the traditional start menu, it’s no surprise that Windows 10 has been somewhat popular. However, Windows 10 has been known to have some compatibility issues relating [...]

2017-04-28T17:31:57-06:00February 17th, 2016|General, TechTalk|

TechTalk: Netgear ReadyNAS Crashes Frequently After Upgrade to 6.4.1

There seems to be an issue with version 6.4.1 of the ReadyNAS OS. After upgrading a few client ReadyNAS devices to this version, we have noticed frequent occurrences of downtime.   What devices are effected? This has been observed on various ReadyNAS devices with ARM architecture.   Symptoms We first noticed this issue on a [...]

2017-04-28T17:31:57-06:00February 9th, 2016|General, TechTalk|
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