There are some IT disasters that you may be confident enough to troubleshoot, and then there are those instances when you’ll need to call in the professionals. Here we look at few of the most common problems that people reach out to IT support for and what you can expect from the process. Of course, IT support does much more than what is listed below! If you don’t have Nashville IT support professionals to call for your small business, it may be time to outsource the job to our experts that charge a flat monthly rate.

Accidentally deleting files

While deleting files can be permanent in some cases, it’s not in others. Before you start trying to take steps to recover deleted files, get in touch with your Nashville IT support specialist. They’ll be able to tell you what your options are. If you attempt to fix it yourself, you could end up doing more damage to the files.

Of course, make sure you are backing up everything on your computer onto a USB drive or the cloud. Nothing is worse than a hard drive crashing, and not having the files backed up you’ve been working on for weeks or the information that was difficult to gain access to. IT support can also set up cloud services. This way, even if something does go wrong with your computer, you won’t have to stress about lost files.

Slow internet speeds

When someone in the office doesn’t follow all of the rules when it comes to using the office computer to surf the web, it can result in viruses and spyware. These can slow internets speeds which in turn, slows production for the office. When you call IT support in Nashville, they will work to find the problem and then get it resolved.

Slow computer speeds

There are many culprits to a slow computer, and IT support assists when it’s malware, or there are other tech issues involved. However, also pay attention to a few things when your computer is running slow. First, take note if it is always slow, or only once and awhile. If it just happens occasionally, it could be because you have too many windows open or perhaps the computer is overheating. Make sure you take the time to perform routine maintenance from time to time like removing dust build up.

USB devices not recognized

If you think the USB port on your computer isn’t working correctly, try the device on another computer after you’ve tried the other port if you have one. If the USB device doesn’t work on the other port, but it does work on other computers, then you have a problem on your hands that requires the attention of Nashville IT support. If you are confident using troubleshooting methods because you have experience, then you can go through those motions before calling in IT support. However, don’t hesitate to call them when you aren’t sure what your next steps should be.