Are you looking to hire an IT support company?

Experienced IT support is vital for any modern company, and the best way to achieve it is by hiring an IT support company. But not every company is created equal. You need one that is right for your business.

We are here to help. Read on for our tips on how to tell if the company you’ve selected is right.

1. They Are Local

When outsourcing it is important to know that your provider can still come on site. The closer they are, the faster an engineer will able to get to you and fix your problem.

If they are not nearby, they may even need to contract a third party to help. This could take days.

2. Fast Response Times

If you have a major IT disaster, then you want to be back up and running as fast as possible. IT downtime costs businesses $1.55 million each year, so you need the IT support company to respond as quickly as possible.

Companies should give you a maximum time it takes to get the first response. Make sure this is acceptable.

3. You Share Partners

Before choosing a provider, check what your company uses. If an IT support company is partnered with your vendors, that is a real plus.

That means they will likely already know the troubleshooting process, and any issues will be fixed that much faster.

4. They Are Scalable

It is important that your IT support company can scale its support to whatever size you want to become.

Make sure that you know exactly how the cost will change as you grow, and how quickly you can change your contract to meet your new needs.

5. Services Offered

No two IT Support companies are exactly the same. They all offer different services on different terms.

If the reason for outsourcing is to make things easier and save money, check that they can cover all your needs. There is little benefit to hiring one company for your phone system, and another for your IT backups.

6. Happy Clients

One of the best ways to find out about the quality of an IT support company is to talk to their current and past clients.

Many IT support companies have testimonials or are willing to put you in touch with clients. You can also do your own research online, looking at reviews that people have posted.

7. Guarantees

IT support is a complicated process, and not everything can be fixed immediately.

Be wary of companies that offer to resolve your issues within a set time frame. It is important to know what they are able to guarantee (such as SLAs), and the penalties for failing to do so.

8. The Fine Print

The contract you have with an IT support company will dictate the terms of your relationship. Whatever you have agreed in person can be overridden by this contract. Make sure that it is laid out in plain English, and that there are no ‘gotchas’.

Choosing Your IT Support Company

Make sure you keep these criteria in mind when selecting your IT support company. As long as you do your research, you will be sure to select the perfect company.

If you are in need of a quality IT support company, then contact us today at Inception Network Strategies.