Before we get started, have you tried switching it off and back on again?

Just kidding, but did you know that most common IT problems can be quickly solved by you? Only 55% of users keep their software updated, which could explain why we keep running into the same problems.

We’ve taken a look at the most common quick fix IT problems out there to help you solve them without asking IT for help.

1. Your Computer Is Slow

This is common but simple, try these things before getting worried:

  • Have you been shutting it down recently? If not, you need to start
  • Perform a back up of your files
  • Install any updates that are outstanding on your system
  • Close anything you don’t need to be open

Then try and restart your computer and see how it goes now you’ve actioned those items.

2. You Can’t Log in

Okay, first things first, check that you don’t have your caps lock on. If that doesn’t work and you’re on a work computer – check with the IT team to see if there is a problem with your details.

3. You Accidentally Deleted Files

Take a breath and stop panicking. Check your recycle bin first but if you have deleted the files from there, the best thing to do is stop using your computer. Take it to a technician to recover the files from your drive or you can try performing a reset yourself if you are confident in your abilities.

4. You Have the Unrelenting Blue Screen

If you get the blue screen of death it’s time for a reboot. Generally, all that takes is to hold down the power button for between 5-10 seconds. Make sure your system is fully updated and you are regularly shutting down your PC.

5. The Printer Won’t Work

Okay here are a few quick checks:

  • Is the printer switched on (sounds stupid but you’d be surprised)
  • Are you connected to the correct printer (if not, make sure you configure the printer)
  • Is there an issue with your network connectivity?

It’s usually something very simple that is preventing you from printing.

6. Your Computer Won’t Recognise Your USB

Make sure you check the USB in multiple portals before assuming that if it doesn’t work in one it doesn’t work at all. Then try it in someone else’s PC or Laptop to see if the problem is just your computer. If the problem persists then contact your support desk.

7. Your Computer Randomly Shut Down

One of the most likely culprits is overheating. That fan that cools your system can get clogged up with dust and overheat so make sure you clean it out (or your IT team does) if you start experiencing problems with unexplained shutdowns.

8. You Have a Virus

Maybe you have been clicking on unsafe emails or visiting websites that contain dangerous software. You need to make sure your firewall is up to date, you have a trusted malware protection software downloaded and you perform checks regularly.

Did you know that 90% of emails include malware and most people are completely unaware? Find out about the mistakes people make when opening an email that put their computers at risk.

9. Your Internet Is Slow

Again spyware and viruses can cause slow internet so it’s important to protect your system. Are you also guilty of having 50 tabs open at once? Do yourself, and your computer, a favor by closing some of them down to speed up your internet and save your sanity.

Overcoming IT Problems: Get Up to Speed

Hopefully, you’ve found some quick fixes to your common IT problems and we’ve managed to convince you to look after your hard drive a little better in the future. 

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