The FBI recently released its latest report on trends in cybercrime. In the report, the organization notes a record number of complaints, as well as $7.45 billion in losses due to tech-related crime.

Cyber security is a very real, very prevalent issue. You need to do everything in your power to keep your business safe.

Here are seven cyber security facts that illustrate just how easy it is to fall victim to cybercrime.

It’s All Ones and Zeroes

Technology is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it allows us to stay connected to those we love and get more work done in a shorter, more efficient manner.

Yet at the same time, our increasing reliance on technology in the workplace can pose a serious threat to data security and even our personal safety.

However, tech is only going to play a larger role in the office going forward. One survey found that companies are expected to spend about 5% of their total revenue on technology in the coming year.

What’s the Password?

With more tech in the workplace comes an increased focus on cybersecurity.

While you should certainly enlist the aid of an IT team to handle the more technical details, your entire workplace can do their part to keep your data safe.

What’s the trick? Changing your password protocol.

Despite the advancement of technology, the top three passwords remain:

  • 123456
  • password
  • 123456789

If anyone in your workplace is using these passwords, they’re putting your entire team and customer base at risk. Use alphanumeric passwords and require a reset every few months to keep cybercriminals on their toes.

The Hack Is Coming from Inside the Office

Passwords aren’t the only ways in which employees are putting their own companies at risk.

In fact, an estimated 90% of cyber attacks can be attributed to some form of human error.

These mistakes run the gamut from leaving workstations unsecured in a public area to downloading malicious software through an email on a workplace network.

Keep your team educated on the latest tech threats. It’ll pay off.

The Most Vulnerable Industries

While every company is technically at risk of falling victim to a cybercrime, certain industries are more vulnerable than others.

The top three most attacked industries include financial institutions, the healthcare industry, and medium-sized businesses and upstarts.

Often, these companies are more vulnerable due to a lack of server security.

You May Already Be a Victim of a Data Breach

Work isn’t the only place that poses a threat to your cyber safety.

If you’re a regular Facebook user, there’s a high likelihood that your information is already in the wrong hands.

Recent reports note that the data of hundreds of millions of users may be public due to the most recent breach. Among the information stored on Facebook’s web servers are users’ names, addresses, statuses and more.

If criminals can get into a company as large as Facebook, what could they do to your business?

Cyber Security Facts: Take Your Security Seriously

These cyber security facts prove that it’s harder than ever to keep your data safe. Take the appropriate steps to keep your personal and business information out of the wrong hands.

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