As a business owner, you realize how critical protecting your computer network is. But if you don’t have a degree in information technology (IT), you have no clue what to do when your network begins to act up.

Unfortunately, research shows that 50% of cyber attacks target small businesses.

The good news? A managed IT service provider can provide you with the guidance you need to keep your network operating smoothly.

Here’s a rundown on the top network strategies that IT professionals are using on businesses today.

A Layered Defense

This is one of the biggest ways a managed IT service provider can add value to your company.

In the game of football, running backs must proceed through multiple linemen and perhaps receivers to reach the end zone. In the same way, your computer system needs a layered defense, which offers many security layers and checkpoints to make sure that intruders do not get through.

Defined User Roles

One of your biggest nightmares as a business owner may before employees to gain access to confidential information you do not want them to see. For instance, you don’t want a worker getting access to a colleague’s payroll records.

However, an IT expert can establish specific user roles, or access limits, and security zones to control who sees specific files in your company’s network.

Disabling Services You No Longer Use

Let’s say that your company decides to use a different type of software on the company’s network. If you haven’t disabled access to your network from the old software, an IT expert can help you to accomplish this.

Shutting down access points to your network from an unused service is a critical step in keeping your company’s system protected.

Protecting Your Master System

Your computer network’s chief control points include your local area network (LAN), your virtual LAN, and your server hub. They also include your internet protocol security.

Your IT expert can set up robust access restrictions for these control points so that only authorized employee are able to access them.

Virus Protection/ Firewalls

Finally, an IT expert can make sure that your computer network’s security is as strong as possible using virus protection and firewall software.

This software scans your network devices for a variety of intrusions, like malware. A reputable provider of IT services will have a good idea of which software options are the best to utilize.

How We Can Help You with Our Network Strategies

We offer extensive managed IT services aimed at helping both small and medium-sized business owners to keep their networks running like a dream.

We have a successful track record in handling our clients’ questions or tackling their various IT emergencies.  We are passionate about adding value to your company as it grows and doing it affordably, via our network strategies.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can provide you with dependable IT solutions within your business’s budget in the months and years ahead.