Almost 90% of businesses benefit from using the cloud to store files. Plus, the majority of those businesses experience better security by using cloud storage over local storage.

Using the cloud protects your data, and companies that lose data are at an increased risk of bankruptcy following a data loss.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of utilizing cloud storage services? Keep reading to learn more about how using the cloud can benefit your business!

More Convenient

When your data’s on the cloud, you can get rid of outdated, expensive server hardware. Employees who would otherwise spend time keeping data safe and the server up and running can focus on other tasks, too.

With the best cloud storage, not only will you save physical space within your office, but you’ll be able to work from anywhere.

Anywhere there’s an internet connection, you can view your cloud data. This is increasingly important, especially in a world with a growing remote community. Likewise, as employees travel, they can easily access data from wherever they are.


There’s a huge cost advantage to using a cloud storage company to store your business’ data. It’s more affordable because it eliminates the cost of maintenance and hardware.

Taking away capital expenditures and the associated employee salaries that monitor them saves thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Plus, cloud storage allows for increased productivity because of the ease and accessibility with which people can work.

Better Security

On average, cyberattacks cost businesses an average of $200,000 per breach. Having data in the cloud defends against human errors, server crashes, and more.

If one server crashes, your information remains protected and saved.

Sensitive data like health records and credit card numbers are much safer in the cloud. Just remember to use several layers of protection so that only approved employees can access cloud data.

Mobility Benefits

Mobility benefits provided by cloud storage are increasing exponentially. In today’s world, employees are more productive when they can work when and where they want to.

Whether your employee is waiting to catch a flight or at home with a virtual learning student, being able to work no matter what is infinitely more efficient. Plus, long gone are the days of having to save the newest version of a document on your computer before taking it home.

By using cloud storage, employees can work across multiple devices without having to save and transfer files manually.

Backup Storage

Every company should make 3 copies of all their records. It’s called the “3-2-1 backup rule.”

While using cloud storage, you can do so easily. All it takes is a few clicks to keep multiple safe and secure copies of all your data.

Using the Cloud Is Essential

If you want to save money, protect your business, and increase productivity, don’t hesitate to start using the cloud within your organization.

Your employees will work harder and appreciate the convenience of being able to work from anywhere at any time.

Are you ready to get started using a more accessible, efficient storage system? Contact us so that we can help or with any questions or concerns you have!