Operating a business network on any scale can be difficult to keep safe. The advancement of technology has brought new waves of hackers into the cyber world looking to gain access into your most vital information. There are various routes that hackers utilize to gain access to a business’s network. As a managed IT service provider, we want your business to stay safe and aware of the main sources that hackers use.

Phishing Scams

We have written about these types of scams before, but a phishing scam is when someone clicks on a special link from an authentic looking link, put all of their information into said link, and the hacker then gains access to that account. IT service companies are extremely familiar with these types of scams considering it is one of the oldest and most successful tools in a hacker’s arsenal. As a business, it is important that you provide ongoing training to all employees about these types of scams and that they should be avoided. If employees are ever unsure if an email is authentic, they should seek a supervisor or contact their managed IT service provider.

Password Hacking

Hackers also tend to use this popular method of gaining access into certain accounts or to obtain certain information. Using overly simple passwords or not changing passwords every so often can be the easiest way to let a hacker gain your company’s proprietary information. This is another common security breach that IT service companies are extremely familiar with and recommend strong, unique passwords for employees to use in the workplace. A combination of letters, numbers, and special characters make a hacker’s life extremely difficult and helps avoid any security breaches. Another recommendation is to change passwords every month or two to avoid someone gaining access to information. It may seem like an inconvenience, but it will save your valuable information in the end. Businesses also should have a strict password policy in place for employees.

Downloading Free Software

If your company is looking for a new software for certain aspects of the business and to increase efficiency in certain areas, you will almost never find it for free. When choosing to go the free route for software, you are potentially introducing malware viruses or bugs into your network. This can lead to a load of potential problems all because you were trying to save a buck. The best solution to this issue is to go ahead and pay for the software that you need. Unless you know for certain that the software is trustworthy, you should avoid downloading it. Not all designers and programmers will have your best interest in mind and once downloaded, they have access to your network.

With the advancement of technology in the workplace, being aware of these potential security threats will keep your business and its information secure.