Have you tried turning it off and on again?

If this is what comes to mind when you think of IT services, you’ll be pleased to find out that information technology has evolved and expanded.

Technology has become a necessary part of almost every business. But, with more technology comes more responsibility, and that can add yet another item to your lengthy to-do list as a business owner.

The good news is, IT has evolved into a customer-first business that seeks to make your life easier. Keep reading to learn about the evolution of IT services and how these changes relate to your business.

The Past: IT Outsourcing

When companies first started using technology, there was usually an in-house IT department or employee. But, this became a cost issue, so businesses began to outsource their IT services.

But don’t let the word outsource scare you. It just means that a business hired a third-party to handle its IT rather than having an IT expert on staff. This third party is called a managed service provider or MSP.

Using a MSP became a popular choice for businesses. Today, it’s nearly a given that a company will hire a third party to manage their IT. 

The Present: Cloud IT Services and Security

In the earlier days of IT, data was stored on local servers that took up physical space. In response to this, the latest evolution of information technology is cloud storage.

Because cloud storage uses virtual servers, it removes the need for physical storage hardware. Instead, data can simply be accessed with an internet connection. And since technology is being used more than ever, there is an even greater need for data backups and more storage. 

Today, many IT providers now offer cloud backup and storage as part of their services. It will give you more peace of mind knowing that your important data is backed up. In the event of a security issue, having a cloud backup will get your business back up and running in no time.

However, just like anything that’s connected to the internet, there can be some security risks in cloud storage. That is why hiring an IT services company will help protect you. They will know the best providers for your business needs.

The Future: Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

Given the changes we’ve already seen, like IT outsourcing and cloud storage, information technology will continue to evolve. Future predictions for the future of IT point to the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence (AI).

The Internet of Things is the concept of creating a network between electric devices (even your coffee maker!) and the internet. Artificial intelligence might soon be expanded to automate certain jobs.

As these concepts get closer to being used by companies, there will be a greater demand for IT professionals who have the skills to install and service these technologies. 

Information Technology and You

From an in-house employee to an outsourced business, information technology services have come a long way.

IT professionals had to expand their services because of the changes in information technology. Nowadays, businesses need comprehensive IT solutions to make their day-to-day operations headache free.

Technology can change overnight. That’s why choosing the right managed IT provider will help your business navigate new tech changes. 

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