Every year, around 400,000 new businesses open in the US. While some of these businesses will launch with a dedicated IT staff on board, most won’t. In fact, many of these businesses will not retain any kind of IT staff.

Yet, technology continues to permeate the business landscape in increasingly complex ways. That means that every business needs professional IT support of some kind.

This is where managed IT services enter the picture. These businesses provide both individual and bundled managed IT solution to other businesses. The question you face is how select the right managed IT service provider.

Let’s dig into some of the things you should look for in a provider.

Plan Customization

Your reliance on IT will vary a lot depending on your industry and company size.

Companies in fields like finance and health care face stiff regulations guiding their handling of digital client information. These types of businesses often require end-to-end security and encryption. Your typical bakery may only need basic services, like a secure order portal.

You want a service provider that offers customized or tiered plans. With a customized plan, the service provider builds a unique service bundle around your specific needs. Tiered plans let you select a level of service from existing bundles.

Both options provide you with some control over costs and services.


A managed IT service is only as good as its response time. If your network goes down on Wednesday night, you need up and running again by Thursday morning at the latest.

Quiz each company about their response time.

Ask if they guarantee a return call within a certain period of time. Ask about their standard time to resolution for issues. Find out if they provide on-site support and how long it takes for that support to happen.

Security Conscious

The flood of data breaches in 2019 alone should leave any business owner feeling a little paranoid about their digital security. Any managed IT service provider worth your time should offer a robust security suite. Ideally, they’ll also have IT security professionals on-staff.

Again, ask a lot of questions. What kinds of security protocols, software, and staff does the service provider employ.

Ask about their track record in preventing data breaches. Do they provide consulting services to help you determine what level of security you need?

Parting Thoughts on Finding the Right Provider for Managed IT Solutions

Finding the right provider for managed IT solutions depends in part on your needs.

Businesses with a lot sensitive client data need a provider that offers comprehensive solutions. Small businesses with limited needs can often work with service providers who offer tiered plans with fewer bells and whistles.

With that said, every business needs a service provider that is responsive and security conscious. A service provider that takes their time resolving issues or doesn’t take security seriously is one you should avoid.

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