Many industries operate with limited contact with regular consumers. For example, the mining industry has almost no direct contact with the rank and file consumers. Some industries with lots of contact with consumers often work under strict legal regulations.

When these industries don’t protect customer or client data, it can prove both a financial and legal disaster. That’s before you even consider the public relations fallout from the data breach.

These industries often fail because they lack the kind of IT expertise necessary to protect that data. So, which industries stand to benefit the most from managed IT services? Keep reading, and we’ll identify a few sectors in desperate need.

Health Care

Health care providers spend years developing medical and surgical skills. They spend almost no time developing IT skills. Yet, medicine often sits at a strange intersection between technology and health.

Patients expect and enjoy a legal right for medical record privacy under the HIPAA regulations. Health care providers generally understand their privacy obligations under HIPAA. It doesn’t mean they know how that translates to IT.

Managed IT services often offer specialization in a particular industry, such as health care. They keep their facilities compliant with current regulations. That frees your organization from the burden.


Much like health care, the finance industry operates under a range of regulations about privacy and data security. Financial institutions must also avoid violating regulations about stock trades or sales.

Your bank employees or stock traders probably understand what they can’t do. It doesn’t always follow that the software you use knows it as well. If a regulation changes, you can come up on the wrong end of an investigation if your software doesn’t keep pace.

Again, managed IT services that specialize in finance can help you keep your business compliant.


The seemingly neverending parade of data breaches data. The same goes as much for social media sites and tech giants as it does for retail.

Retail outlets, in particular, should consider the consequences of handling data security internally. Courts take a dim view of businesses that expose customer data. They often impose hefty fines and financial judgments to express their displeasure.

Turning to a third-party that specializes in managed IT can give you access to data security experts. They’ll help shore up the security weaknesses in your system. That protects you and your customers from looming data breaches.


Law firms must also protect their clients’ information out of legal duty. Exposing client information breaches legal ethics, but also opens up the firm to legal action.

Like other industries that deal with sensitive data, law firms can benefit from using IT services that focus on data security. It protects both the firm and the firm’s clients.

Parting Thoughts on Industries That Need Managed IT Services

Not every industry needs managed IT services, but some do. Industries with large customer bases, like retail, run the constant risk of exposing data and getting sued.

Health care and financial firms dealing with sensitive data and must follow complex regulations. Failures that expose patient data or violate finance regs open organizations up for government scrutiny.

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