As a small business owner, it is essential that you avoid complacency when it comes to your cybersecurity. Cybersecurity attacks cost American small businesses an average of $25,000, with the total cost to all businesses amounting to more than $2 trillion per year. Contrary to popular belief, small businesses are frequently targeted by hackers and criminals, owing to the fact that SMEs often invest less in their security and are therefore easier to breach. Although this might sound alarming, there is no need to panic about your business security. By simply following some simple and straightforward cybersecurity tips, you can keep your business, your customers, and your sensitive company data safe and secure.

Read on to find out the essential cybersecurity tips that all small businesses should know.

1. Use a Managed IT Services Provider

There are many steps you can take to improve online security, but none are more effective than hiring a dedicated cybersecurity provider to manage your security on your behalf. This is not a service that breaks the bank. Hiring a quality managed IT services provider costs significantly less than hiring and training an in-house cyber-security expert and allows you to access a wider range of tools and knowledge.

2. Never Underestimate Your Company’s Value

This has already been touched on, but it really does bear repeating. Oftentimes, the main cause of a cybersecurity breach is complacency. Far too many business owners and entrepreneurs assume that hackers are spending all of their time targeting Fortune 500 companies. However, hackers already know that large companies are too difficult to hack, which is why they look to steal from businesses such as yours.

3. Teach Your Staff Cybersecurity Tips

Business protection begins and ends with your most important asset – your team. Hackers and criminals rely on naivete. That’s why you need to take the time to teach your team the essential cybersecurity best practice tips. Simple changes such as practicing good password hygiene, knowing how to spot malware, and backing up data can and will make a significant difference to the online safety of your staff and your customers.

4. Update and Install

Those incessant notifications telling you to update your drivers and software might seem irritating, but they are there for a reason. Using outdated software is one of the main ways to attract a hacker. The reason software updates are often issued is because the developers have discovered a security flaw that is being exploited by criminals. Listen to those update notifications!

5. Back It Up

Finally, don’t forget to back up your data as much and as often as possible. The last thing you want is for a virus to breach your IT system, forcing you to delete everything your business has ever stored. Your data is your most valuable asset and is likely to be an essential component of how you do business. Do not adopt a cavalier attitude to your data. Back. It. Up.

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