Almost every aspect of a business is now done through some form of technology. It is unrealistic to run a business in today’s market without the use of technology and that is why managed IT solutions have become so vital to the success of businesses. There was a story last year that a Chicago Bears iPad was stolen from a player’s car that had the entire playbook on it. Luckily, the organization had implemented a corporate-owned device policy which meant their IT services department was able to take control of the situation immediately. This is just one example of why businesses and organizations need this policy implemented in their workplace. Device theft remains one of the top causes of security breaches in businesses and unless the device is owned by the company, the entity that provides your IT services can’t take control. Here are three major reasons why you should implement this policy in your workplace.

Control Over Mobile Device Management

In the event of a lost or stolen device, this type of software allows a company or their managed IT solutions company to wipe the device clean of any sensitive data. Although this same software can be added when your company has a BYOB device policy, more and more employees are refusing to have the software downloaded on their personal devices. This is for the fear that their business can see what they’re doing at all times even out of the office. To avoid this situation all together, a corporate-owned device policy is a simple solution. 

Control Over Security Policies

One thing that any IT department needs control over is the security of devices that help a company operate efficiently. These departments need control over functions such as updates, patches, and the monitoring of devices for suspicious activity happening. When a company has a BYOB policy, many employees push back when they are told they can only download certain software. A corporate-owned device policy avoids that entirely. 

Control Over The Internet of Things

The internet isn’t just on mobile phones and computers anymore. Today, the internet is on printers, faxes, and even refrigerators with them all sharing one network. Companies will eventually have to monitor everything in their office that is on that network and have control over these “things”. A lot of these items currently involve company IT departments but in time they will. Having a firm policy that will allow IT departments to control the items that will be sharing their business network is crucial to the security of your business. 

Where it may seem that BYOB device policy in the workplace is a great idea because you won’t have to purchase new devices for everyone in the office, a corporate-owned device policy gives you the control over what is happening on your devices. This policy gives you, as the business owner, peace of mind when it comes to your company’s information.