Outsourcing is a standard business practice where a company will use third-party service to complete tasks on their behalf. 

One of the most common areas that companies choose to outsource is their IT services and support. But what exactly do outsourcing companies do? And why do companies outsource?

In this article, we’ll talk about outsourcing services, the benefits of hiring them, and what they do. 

Outsourcing Companies Save Your Business Money 

One of the main reasons businesses will opt to use outsourcing companies is that they can save money by doing so. 

Because outsourcing companies already have trained employees and infrastructure in place, they can take on your workload easily without the expenses involved in building and running a new department.

Outsourcing Keeps Your Hands Free

If you’re tied up investing all of your time and effort into building up your IT department so they can make major infrastructure changes, other areas of your business may lack your attention. 

By outsourcing IT support and services to a managed services provider, you’ll keep your hands free so that you can think about other aspects of your business. 

This means that you can be more productive and focus on driving your business forward. 

Outsourcing Frees up Space and Facilities

If you have an in-house IT department, they will take up space. They’ll also need a lot of expensive hardware that will need to be maintained and replaced occasionally. 

By outsourcing your IT services to an external company, you can save on space and the need to buy the equipment that they would have used. 

Outsourcing may even mean that you can run your business from smaller premises. This could provide you with even greater cost savings as a result. 

Different Types of Outsourcing 

There are three main types of outsourcing company; offshore, nearshore, and onshore. Each has its own benefits. 

  • Offshore outsourcing – this low-cost option will see your business getting support from a company based overseas, typically in India or China. The cost benefits are brought about by lower overseas wages. There may be language, cultural, and timezone challenges to overcome. 
  • Nearshore outsourcing – this type of service will be based in a nearby country. You’ll benefit from some shared cultural understanding and be in similar timezones. There may be some tax savings for this type of outsourcing. 
  • Onshore outsourcing – with onshore outsourcing, you’ll be using a company that is based in the same country. Prices may be higher, but there are no communication problems, and you’re in the same timezone. 

Outsourcing Your IT Services

With outsourcing companies so many benefits, isn’t it time you considered making use of their services in your business?

At Inception Network Strategies, we provide a range of outsourced IT solutions that can save you valuable time, money, and resources. 

By making use of our services, you could put yourself in a position to take your business to the next level. 

Get in touch today and find out more about the services offered at Inception Network Strategies.