As a startup business, you’re used to doing everything yourself. But, as your business vision begins to take form and become a reality, you’ll need to start expanding your reach and competing with larger companies in your industry. As you start deciding where you can make room in your schedule to focus on the expansion, consider outsourcing IT services. Of course, we understand that outsourcing Nashville IT services aren’t for every business. To help you decide if it’s right for you, here are a few pros and cons to look over.

The pros

IT services are affordable for startups and small businesses.

When you go with a Nashville IT service company that provides a flat rate and lets you choose the services that you need, then you can actually save money because you’ll save so much of your own time. Some IT companies only allow you to choose from a few select packages. If you don’t need everything in the plan, you still end up paying for it. To ensure the managed IT services are cost-effective, get a quote based on your budget, company size, and current needs.

Experts are available to handle complicated IT problems.

There is nothing like the peace of mind knowing that you have experts to handle complicated IT issues that could impact your business. IT experts are problem solvers and provide support when minor and major problems arise. IT emergencies can hinder the progress of large corporations, but for startups, they can wreak havoc. When IT issues cause a big client to go a different direction, or your network system isn’t secure, it can weeks, if not months, to get back on track.

The cons

You won’t have to be hands-on.

For some start-up business owners, outsourcing any part of their business can be difficult because it means they won’t be at the center of it. When it’s your brand, it can be tough to trust other professionals to carry the torch in certain aspects. But know that when you bring in Nashville IT services for your start-up, we’ll listen to your vision for the future as well as your needs now. When you do want to reach out and discuss how everything is going with the IT services, we are quick to respond.  

You don’t need an in-house team.

If your goal is to have an in-house IT support team one day, but you aren’t there yet, then begin by outsourcing the services. In-house IT support is good for some businesses, but not for all. The overhead, training, and employee contracts can actually be more expensive over the course of a year versus outsourcing IT support to a separate company. If you can’t afford an in-house team, but find that you are spending countless hours that could be better distributed elsewhere, outsource IT to the pros.

While every startup and small business has their own experience when outsourcing Nashville managed IT services, know that you’ll find many benefits tailored to your business needs. If you’re still on the fence, take advantage of an IT consultation to learn more!