When it comes to many businesses, they leverage a majority of the technological duties on their personal IT services department. As these tasks have become more daunting and complex, many companies have looked to hiring a managed service provider  to alleviate some of the stress of their internal IT department. In some cases, companies are hesitant to outsourcing their IT department but because of common misconceptions that they may have towards these services. Well, we are here to debunk some of these theories and provide the actual facts of what a managed service provider can do for your business. 

Unavailable for IT Problems

One major concern of business owners when regarding a managed service provider is that they will not be available when IT issues may arise. Since managed service providers are not in-house, many owners are concerned that because of this the service provider will not be able to resolve issues in a timely fashion. On the contrary, most managed service providers operate 24/7 and are able to efficiently fix an issues that may arise for your business. 

Just a Remote Monitored Service

Any well-managed service provider supplies more than just remote monitoring services, although this is a service that can be provided. In most cases, seasoned providers will bundle multiple of their IT services into one bill and can supply your business will value-added services. These services range from monitoring, staffing, security, cloud backups, etc. 

Too Specialized Needs

No matter how specialized your organization, managed service providers are experts when it comes to managing technology. Regardless of your business’s market, the managed service provider can provide any business the proper technical support so that you may focus on the core business. 

It is Too Costly

For today’s medium to small business, a managed service provider is most ideal. You have the options to bundle what services you want to use and skip the others. In this situaiton, you pay for what you need and nothing more. Placing the cost of what your business would pay with a managed service provider compared to that of hiring a full-time IT department, the managed service provider will end up saving your company vast amounts in the large scheme of things. 

Lack of Care for Your Business

You may think that because a managed service provider is outsourced instead of in-house that there would be a lack of empathy placed towards your business. Many business owners believe that an actual employee would put more effort into helping the company, The problem lies in that companies rely too much on one employee. When that one employee does not work out or moves on from the company, owners then have to scramble on finding temporary and long-term replacements. By going through a managed service provider, a business is supported regardless of what happens to employees who are outsourced. 

Don’t let the common misconceptions waver you away from putting your business’s IT services in the hands of a manged services provider.