You may think that you will be alerted the second your computer has been hacked or hit with a virus, but in some cases, you will start to see some subtle clues that something is not right. When this happens, it may make you scratch your head and move forward with your day. However, your first step should be to call Nashville IT support to take a look. Getting the experts involved will correct the situation and prevent further damage from occurring. If you notice any of the following signs that your computer has a virus or has been hacked, get IT support involved.

Passwords have changed

If you go to log in to a specific program and have to reset your password because you notice it has changed, then this is sign that you have been hacked. If the password to your computer does not work, then someone has hacked it and you will need to get IT support involved to regain access and control.

There are new installs

If you notice that there are new installs on your computer that you did not download, then this should alert you that someone has been on your computer making changes. In the same vein, if you have programs that are uninstalled that you currently use for work, there could be someone trying to control your computer, and the IT support will be able to detect the problem and resolve the issue.

The computer is acting on its own

If you see your mouse moving when you aren’t using it or your computer is launching programs that you have not asked it to, you may have someone that is trying to remotely control it. If you are logged into your work computer with sensitive information and you notice this happen, you need log out immediately and call in the Nashville IT support expert to get the issues resolved.

Settings have changed

When you log on to your computer, if the settings have changed or programs that you are not familiar with are asking for you to allow access, this is a red flag. You should also pay attention to the security programs and make sure they have not been uninstalled and that your antivirus programs are not part of the changed setting.

An uptick in spam emails are being sent

If you are suddenly receiving an excess of spam emails and you can’t seem to take control of this, get Nashville IT support involved in the situation. While spam and hacking will be two different ways that your computer can be tampered with and adversely affected, both can do damage and effective productively, information sharing, and security.

The internet connection is slower

Often, when being hacked, you will find that network activity increases and by having IT professionals install a program that monitors bandwidth, you will be able to find out which programs are taking advantage of this. While a slow internet connection can be due to many reasons, if you notice it on top of the other signs, the odds of hackers taking over will be more likely than minor connection problems.