The way in which your network is set up and the structure of its cabling may seem unimportant, but if properly done, it can take a lot of hassle of your day-to-day operations. When signing up for a technician to come out and provide your business with networking solutions from your managed service provider, they will offer you a simple solution to connecting your entire business together. The infrastructure of your business will be able to operate without a hitch and stay connected.

One major benefit that any small business should be concerned with is what happens when they grow. By providing your business with a structured cabling system, it makes it easy to keep all of your company’s communication systems connected even when you grow. Managed IT solutions makes it easy to scale your company and easily connect new devices when need be. Adding more people to your business should be an exciting and rewarding time, not a hassle.

It may not seem like the way in which your cables are organized could affect your business operations, but they can. When a company has an unorganized cabling system, it can cause major connectivity issues because of wire tangling. When wires remain tangled, they can cause network downtime and a major loss of productivity. As a managed service provider, we understand that a loss in productivity means a loss in revenue for your business. Don’t let network cabling be the cause of your network being down. Keep it organized.

If there was to be one major downfall of today’s technologically driven society it would be the unexpected issues. No technology is perfect, and there are always unforeseen issues that have to be dealt with. This statement even applies when you have a well-organized infrastructure. The unforeseen issues will still play a factor in your operations, but there is a plus side to keeping your network organized. When your business experiences a malfunction in technology and call out your managed IT solutions technician to investigate the problem, it is less time consuming if you had them previously structure your cable system. They will be able to isolate and solve the problem a lot quicker if things are organized.

Safety is any business owner’s concern when it comes to their employees and the workplace. An organized cabling system provides more than just benefits in the productivity of your company, but it also enhances the safety in the workplace. When a cabling system is unorganized the possibility of a fire, electrical shock, or trips/falls are higher. This can create a loss of information and even injury to employees. An organized cabling system eliminates these concerns and can alleviate these stresses from business owners so that they can focus on the more important aspects of running a company.

At the end of the day, the organization of your network’s cables is a big deal and can save you time and money. The investment that you put into network cabling will more than pay itself back over time.