Email spam can be hard to overcome and if it happens on a business computer and spreads throughout the office you’ll soon learn why having a disaster recovery plan is essential. There are multiple ways to end up on a spammers list; from having a public email address to signing up for newsletters to clicking on the wrong link. Luckily, there are a few ways to combat spam and keep your network clean. Here are some simple tips that can be practiced by everyone from IT support in Franklin. From business professionals to even stay at home parents.

Read the fine print when signing up for newsletters

When you are signing up to websites to get access to things like coupons and newsletter, make sure you spend some time reading the terms. There should be areas that you can click so that you opt out of unsolicited emails and promotions, and if there isn’t you shouldn’t trust them with your email address. Also, make sure they have a clear way to unsubscribe from the account when you want to.

Keep personal and business emails separate 

If you’re sharing the same email for both your business and personal needs, it’s time to start the process of separation. Personal emails tend to get filled with sales ads because they are used for sign up forms and will have a higher chance of getting spammed. However, you’ll be better prepared for it when it does come if you have a separate account set up for that purpose. Have another email account for trusted people and sources in your life such as family and financial correspondence. With these emails setup, you won’t have the need to use a business account for other purposes.

Don’t click on unfamiliar attachments or images

While this can seem like a no-brainer, it’s still something many of us are guilty of whether we get a strange link from a trusted co-worker or we are sneaking in a bit of online celebrity drama. But it’s vital that you pay close attention to each aspect of the link and stick with the best rule: If you aren’t familiar with the image, link, or attachment don’t click on it. You can get more information about it from the source if you know them and let IT services in Franklin investigate the situation.

Educate employees, friends, and family

No one wants to be the cautionary tale when it comes to losing data over spam, and the more you educate those that are around you, the less likely everyone is to get hit. Make sure that you let people know how to avoid it, and also what can happen when you open it. Don’t hesitate to get Franklin IT support involved to give you extra security and strategies when it comes to avoiding spam, and quickly resolving the situation should there be an issue.