It’s that time when businesses small and large are trying to get organized and prepare for the New Year ahead. You’ve got a fresh calendar and goals, and many employees have had a nice break to rejuvenate. Nashville managed IT service professionals are no different, and to help you get organized in the New Year, here are six proven tips.

#1: Identify obstacles from last year and find a solution

Before you can move forward, sometimes you have to look back. Take a few moments to reflect on any obstacles that you had last year. Maybe you weren’t confident in your online security, or perhaps you had to recover from an IT disaster. The solution could be to hire managed IT services in Nashville.

#2: Outsource where you can

Whether you are spreading yourself too thin or you want to save a little money on payroll, you can get quality services for a variety of tasks. If you don’t have an IT department, consider outsourcing to a reputable managed IT company. The same goes for other jobs from accounting to deep-cleaning the office. Bring in professionals that specialize in the area you need help and make sure they provide convenience when it comes to pricing and services.

#3: Declutter your workspace and computer

Nothing says you’re getting organized like de-cluttering your work space. However, don’t forget about your computer either. Get your files organized, emails sorted, and remove unnecessary desktop clutter. Also, add a few minutes to the calendar every day whether it is five minutes in the morning or right before you leave work to keep it up all year.

#4: Make sure your computer is updated

Make this the year you don’t let your computer randomly update in the middle of the workday and slow you down. Keep your computer updated, so it runs efficiently. If you aren’t sure how to update your work computer, reach out to Nashville IT support to find out what the best practices are.

#5: Get tasks done right away if they take less than 5 minutes

If a task takes less than five minutes to get done, don’t add it to your to-do list – just do it. You’ll find your workday is less stressful and more productive when you get the little stuff done as you go and work on the big projects in chunks of time designated explicitly for them. To make this easier for your employees, make sure that you invest in managed IT services like office phone systems, so it’s easy to communicate quickly.

#6: Multi-task less

Studies show that multi-tasking can actually make us less productive because we’re too distracted. While it may be impossible to cut it out altogether, try to multitask less this year. Choose one project to focus on at a time. If you don’t have the option only to do one thing at a time, try to choose the most important ones at the moment to focus on rather than everything on your list at once.