Being online has become interwoven with our daily lives from work to running errands to recreation. And we give out a lot of information without thinking too hard about it. However, there is a risk that this information could be breached if you don’t have the best online security from an IT service in Nashville. In fact, there are numerous pieces of data that hackers and phishers are trying to obtain – especially when it comes to businesses. With that said, protecting online data isn’t an option anymore for any size business. Here are five types of information that can be compromised online, and how we can help protect it.

#1: Passwords

Login information, such as passwords are valued by hackers because it gives them access to multiple accounts that they have interest in. IT services in Nashville works to protect the information by enforcing strong passwords that are updated accordingly and creating a network security design that makes sense for your business. Make sure you aren’t using the same passwords for your business as you are for personal accounts. Make sure you change the passwords on a regular basis based on what the IT specialists recommend.

#2: Banking information

When someone is trying to hack your business accounts, they may be looking for banking data. Whether they want the personal banking information of employees or clients, or they are after the businesses account data, you need protection. IT support in Nashville provides services like real-time monitoring and network security. We’ll take the time to listen to your goals for protecting banking information that is shared within the company.

#3: Sensitive company information

When you have sensitive company information such as competitive research, bid pricing for current projects, or a new product that is going to be launched soon, you don’t want to see it get in the hands of the wrong person. They can hold this sensitive information hostage and ask for money, release it to the public, or use it to their advantage in other ways. While you’ll want to have a disaster plan in place just in case, Nashville IT services will proactively provide high-level security.

#4: Social security numbers

Social security numbers are important to protect because when hackers get ahold of these, they can get loans in your name, credit cards, and more. And the process can be frustrating and inconvenient to get corrected because it’s difficult to predict how much they have taken and how long the process will take. Social security numbers are on job applications and many forms that businesses have in their database, and IT support takes the effective steps to ensure they are secure and viewed by only those that should have access.

#5: Customer information

Customer and client information is vital to protect when you want to keep your business reputation positive. Also, when customers know that you use the high-quality network security, they’ll have peace of mind when doing business with you. Take advantage of Nashville IT services to protect all of your business information.