IT services  have been helping businesses grow for years. But in the beginning, owners are spread thin in every possible way from staff to finances, and they may skip a few of those IT solutions that can really enhance the experience of customers, employees, and owners. If you’re a growing business (or you’re ready to become one) here are a few IT services in Nashville that you need to think about.

Softphone communication for laptops 

If your employees use laptops for emails, sharing files, and other work applications, then you should consider investing in software for softphone communications. This is particularly useful for both office settings, as well as employees that work remotely from home or other locations. The software works just like a regular phone and can help cut expensive costs if you pay for employees’ phone plans or have a complex telephone system in your office. If you have multiple locations, this an affordable solution that IT services in Nashville can help you with.

Offer automated phone options

If you have a small or mid-sized business, there will be moments when you feel understaffed as you grow. Because growth can be sporadic, it can be tough to decide whether you should bring in new employees, or wait to see what happens after the spike in sales. One way to manage this is to talk to IT services in Nashville about an automated attendant that answers the phone, gathers information about the purpose of the call, and offers solutions before transferring them to the right person for their needs. This can save a lot of time for both you and the customer because no phone call will go left unanswered or stuck in a voicemail that doesn’t get listened to often.

Business owners can also ask network support in Nashville about a toll-free number that goes to their smartphone. This is an excellent solution for start-ups that want to give customers the best service possible. Many business owners feel more secure providing a number for their services other than their personal line, and over time as more staff comes on board, you can use that toll-free number for someone else to answer.

Add video conference to your meeting schedule

Getting business meetings organized is time-consuming, and when they don’t go as planned, or people are late or aren’t able to attend, then they can be very unproductive for everyone involved. When you add a video conferencing system to your office, you’ll give people an easier way to make every meeting and give them more time to prepare. You won’t have to worry about drive time, car issues, and all of those other reasons that can get in the way when trying to make a business meeting. Talk to IT support in Nashville about the many benefits of video conferences and how you can incorporate them (or any of theses solutions) into your office whether you have one, or multiple locations across Middle Tennessee.