Remember when there was always that one guy in the office whose job it was to fix any tech problem you encountered? Have you ever wondered why you don’t see them as much anymore? Well, our managed IT solutions company can provide you with some answers. It is because they are becoming a thing of the past. Companies are choosing to outsource these their IT department to managed service providers, especially small to mid-sized businesses. Outsourcing your IT department can provide added benefits that an in-house department can’t.

In previous posts, we have discussed that outsourcing your IT department can save your company a ton of money since they will no longer have to pay a full salary and provide benefits for this department. Managed service providers also allow companies to gain a better grasp of their budgets by eliminating the cost center an IT department can be. With managed IT solutions, you pay for the exact services you want and nothing more. On top of this, you are eliminating extra capital dollars being spent since you do not have to worry about recruiting, training, or onboarding an employee who may not even work out for your business.

You will have experienced professional for every single one of your projects. Your in-house IT person might have multiple certifications that landed him/her the job, but experience in the field is so much more valuable. When you outsource your IT department, you are gaining the added expertise in multiple different fields of IT. The world of technology has and continues to become more complicated and that leads to it being hard to find that IT person who can solve all the problems in a business. Managed service providers offer a team of experts that have a variety of backgrounds to solve all your IT problems.

Outsourcing provides another major benefit in that they will minimize the risk of any security breaches threatening your business. Your business may have a full-time IT person to cover all the basics but with so many viruses, threats, checkpoints, and things to do so that your network stays secure, it can be daunting for one person. This is where an IT solutions company can come in handy and protect all the systems your business is utilizing on a daily basis. Don’t get caught off guard by a breach because your IT department couldn’t get to securing all points of entry into your business’s network. Instead, outsource and let a team of professionals ensure that you are protected.

For small to mid-level businesses, it just makes sense to outsource the IT department. You may not be big enough to justify a second full-time person in that department and the workload is getting to be too much for just one employee. Relieve your business and the workload of your IT department by outsourcing to a managed service provider instead.