If you’re thinking about networking options for your business, then you’ve probably heard about structured cabling.

While the newest tech trends come and go, this is one update that’s worth the investment. It’s a more organized way to approach your data transfer needs. The system has speedier connections and a more efficient organization system.

Here are five reasons why a structured cabling system can be a great move for your company.

1. Saves Time

A structured cabling system is unique to your business. It’s an organized network of cables and hardware that varies based on your building’s architectural structure and existing infrastructure. Despite the variables, it makes significant cuts to your maintenance time because of its rigid structure.

The structure is usually organized in 19-inch rack-mounted patch panels. This also makes it easy to move if your company has to change locations or temporarily relocate. You can add or take away equipment and make changes without much trouble.

2. Reduces Costs

A system like this is helpful to your company’s budget. It helps you save maintenance costs because it requires less time and effort as you make updates.

You also save power costs. The structured cabling system dictates what types of cable you use, namely Cat 6 and fiber optics. Cat 6 helps you lose less power (Cat 5e cables lose up to 1/5 of their power during transfer) with power over ethernet.

3. Structured Cabling Is More Efficient

Using a system like structured cabling is a more organized way of doing things. Because everything is labeled and color-coded, the organization makes work more efficient because you don’t have to hunt through nests of tangled cable to find anything. The system eases workflow and provides less of a chance that you’ll make a mistake.

4. Reduces Downtime

Structured cabling makes sure you have less network downtime, too. It’s less likely to drop packets during data transfer, making everything more reliable. This is one reason it’s the right choice for your company.

Because network downtime means you can’t do any work, it’s expensive for your company. Rather than dealing with lost revenue, using structured cabling means you can fix problems faster if you do have them.

5. Speed

One of the best reasons to have structured cabling at your business is that it’s a faster option. It has a higher rate of data transfer, and many of your clients rely on the speed of their network.

Powerful networks like this can handle thousands of gigahertz every second. Numbers like this continue to grow, especially as more and more entities switch to fiber optic cable. While their electronics may get an update, fiber optics have a long lifespan compared to copper wiring and therefore won’t become obsolete very soon.

The Cusp of Greatness

Updating your technology standards in your company should lead to greater output. Structured cabling is only one piece of that, although the benefits above are all great reasons it should be next for your business.

With faster speeds, reduced costs, and better structure, structured cabling may be the upgrade you need. For help with networking needs, contact us today.