Outsourced services can be a good option when you want a one-off specialist service. Managed IT services are usually the best bet when you want a dedicated IT department. But there are more factors to consider before you choose your option.

Are you confused about the difference between outsourced and managed IT services? Here’s everything you need to know about the two options.

Pros of Outsourced IT Services

Outsourced IT services mean delegating or contracting IT jobs to a third-party provider. Outsourced IT may allow your company to access experts and advanced IT services. With a shortage of IT talent, it’s hard for small businesses to afford experts.

By outsourcing, you can work with established IT consulting companies, agencies, and freelancers. Companies opting for outsourcing may also do so to cut staff and equipment expenses. It removes the need for full-time experts which can save salary and benefits costs.

If you want flexibility and scalability of operations, you may consider outsourcing services. You can enjoy expertise or scale services up and down at your discretion.

Cons of Outsourcing IT Services

Outsourcing may seem cost-effective, but it comes with some disadvantages. For one, it’s a contract that takes away control from your hands. Risk of fraud increases as a result of lost control and reliance on third parties.

You also lose the advantage of regular preventive maintenance or security checks. They might be away when an emergency system or failure occurs. In short, outsourcing comes with operational risks when you consider unexpected failures.

What Is Managed IT? Is It Better Than Outsourced Services?

Managed IT involves hiring a company rather than staff to provide and manage IT services. It’s different and better than an in-house team and more proactive than outsourcing.

Advantages of Managed IT

A key benefit of managed IT is that it’s more reliable in many ways than outsourcing or an in-house team. A managed service team stays in-house so that they can provide IT services throughout.

Managed IT brings complete expertise to build your infrastructure, manage and maintain it. You get to enjoy 24/7 monitoring, ongoing support and expertise to handle emergencies.

Managed IT, like outsourcing, offers a considerable amount of flexibility and scalability. It’s a flat-rate contract that you pay as you go. You only pay for delivered services which can be one-off or continuous.

And unlike outsourcing, you still keep control and visibility over operations. The managed IT company takes over IT responsibilities but allows for your command.

Hire for Managed IT Services Today

Management IT is a better alternative to outsourcing when you want efficient operations. It’s cheap, flexible, scalable and gives access to specialized IT services.

Managed IT is also accessible and reliable to keep your IT functions running smoothly. A managed service company provides swift support to prevent downtimes. It’s the best bet for efficient IT systems and processes.

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