The biggest asset that your company will have is its data. Data is the bloodline of what allows for your business to operate on an everyday basis. This information must be backed-up so that it is stored and secure allowing your organization to access whenever you may need it. It is not enough to just have a localized storage capacity for all of your business’s data. Outsourcing your data backups to a managed service provider will give added security to your company’s biggest asset. 

IT service companies commonly offer to backup all company data and there are some major reasons why your business should consider this form of data security. 


By choosing a cloud backup service from a managed service provider, you make it simple for your business to grow and maintain the added data that comes with it. As your business grows, you can easily upgrade your storage service and obtain a greater capacity for the extra data. 

Added Security

Securing your company’s data is one of the most important things to consider. If any of your business’s confidential information gets into the wrong hands, then you could be looking at someone either stealing your information or it gets held for ransom. IT service companies will work hard to keep your sensitive data secure while keeping it backed up. 


With a cloud backup, you wont ever have to worry about gaining access to your data again. All the information that you could need, as long as it has been backed up, will be readily available to you and anyone who needs access to it in your organization. 

Increased Storage

We have already spoken on what a cloud backup can provide for your company as far as scalability. What if your company needs added storage for just extra data? Well, that is just another added benefit of a cloud backup. Many managed service providers offer pay-as-needed plans that allow your company to purchase the amount of storage space you need when you need to upgrade. 

Disaster Recovery

At some point, every business will encounter some sort of disaster. Whether that disaster be caused from natural circumstances or a cyber-attack, you will need a plan in place to keep your information secure. This is where a cloud backup comes in play and in the event that your company loses everything, you will still have access to all your vital data. 

In today’s technological society, a localized storage unit isn’t enough to keep all of your business’s vital information secure anymore. You need something that can grow as your business grows and a system that you don’t have to worry about losing the information off of. A cloud backup will provide your business with all these features so that you can leave the worry of securing your data behind.