Across the globe, businesses are predicted to spend $376.13 billion on managed services by 2025.

A managed service is where a business delegates its operations to experienced partners who oversee the operations at a fee. There are several types of managed services, and for small companies, they offer a lifeline for growth. But how do you know for sure that your firm needs to rely on managed IT?

Here are some signs that can help decide whether managed IT solutions can work for you.

1. You Have No In-House IT Professional

Small businesses tend not to have a dedicated IT staffer and instead depend on the most tech-savvy worker on the team. While that might be convenient at times, it means that your employee is spending more time figuring out technology stuff instead of growing their excellence in the role you hired them for.

Managed IT solutions are an attractive alternative for small businesses that need to get things done and remain productive. Instead of spending enormous amounts on a new full-time staffer, you can contract the same skills as needed.

2. You’re Always Putting Out Tech Fires

Do you find that your firm regularly has to deal with one emergency or another involving technology? For example, does your server keep going down on an increasingly regular scale? It could be that one of its hard drives is going bad and needs replacing.

It’s hard for a small business to get to the root of constant IT breakdowns and emergencies if there is no dedicated operator to address the problem. Working with a managed IT services partner can help you develop the capacity to monitor your system and identify potential problems early. You will experience less downtime, which can help grow your productivity.

3. You’re Spending a Lot on New Technology

Technology today is advancing at a rapid clip, and as a small business, you have no choice but to keep up. If you decide to own your hardware and software, it means that you have to make regular upgrades. That can be an expensive affair for a small business looking to scale.

A managed IT services partner here can help you access the latest technology without you making significant capital outlays. A managed IT solutions firm ensures that it invests in the newest technology so that you can get top-quality infrastructure to run your operations on. All this at a fraction of what it would cost you to own and maintain the equipment.

4. You Need Security and Compliance Expertise

As a business, you need to protect your IT system from malicious actors. At the same time, you need to learn the regulations governing information you generate so that you stay compliant.

A managed IT services partner can help you design security protocols that keep your firm’s IT system safe. Additionally, they can help you know all the regulations you need to observe so that you handle data correctly.

Are You Ready for Managed IT?

Technology is now a critical part of every firm regardless of its size. For small businesses, hiring a full-time IT expert might be difficult. Managed IT is an alternative that can empower your small business to leverage top IT expertise and equipment to remain competitive.

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