Tech support for small businesses is just as important as it is for large ones. Tech support is a type of customer service, and 78% of consumers will purchase a particular product or service based on their support experience with that company.

In a world that is so dependent on technology, companies can’t afford to neglect the quality of their tech support. This is true for any size business.

Many consumers dread calling for technical support – your company should help break that association. You can help your customers associate your brand with a quick and pain-free experience. 

To find out the 4 major differences between tech support for large businesses and tech support for small businesses, keep reading.

1. Getting Up and Running

When small businesses get up and running, they often have much more hurdles than larger businesses. This can lead to a lack of IT infrastructure from the inception of the company.

To avoid a reputation as a company with shoddy tech support, small companies need the guidance of someone in the field to help them get started. This differs from large companies that can afford to have experts on hand.

2. The IT Budget

One of the biggest differences between small and large businesses is their available capital. While large businesses often have a sizable chunk of their budget dedicated to maintaining the IT department, small businesses usually do not.

Although technology is one of the most expensive aspects of running a business, businesses can’t afford to overlook it. With the state of cybersecurity alone, companies not only have to protect physical assets but digital ones as well.

With a smaller budget, small companies may have less staff on hand. This also means less IT professionals in-house. Unlike large companies, small businesses usually opt to outsource their IT needs for this reason.

3. Size of Infrastructure

The budget differences also leads to a big gap between the infrastructure size in small businesses and the size of large businesses. This means that large businesses have to spend a lot more to maintain their IT department. 

This is good news for small businesses. Smaller business means fewer factors and details to manage. It means that you can still get by with a smaller IT budget if you spend it wisely. In fact, the overall average for IT spending is 3.28% of the budget.

Large companies often need expanded services to complement their in-house IT professionals. This includes things like servers and terminals to enhance data security.

Small companies, however, usually need more basic services. They often look for packages that include tech support, as well as cloud and server hosting, data connections, and security options. 

Find Tech Support for Small Businesses 

Obviously, the main difference between tech support for a small business vs. large corporations is the size. Small businesses often struggle to expand infrastructure for their departments, especially for the IT department. Technology can sometimes get pricey.

However, it doesn’t have to be. To find affordable tech support solutions for your small business, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Inception Network Strategies for guidance.