You know what makes companies successful, change. Adapting to and being able to thrive when change is necessary is what pushes a company forward. This is in regards to all aspects of a business including your IT services. One thing that you want to make sure of is that your managed service provider or IT department is ready to adapt to any changes that might come their way even if they are unwelcome changes. Technology is always rapidly changing and that why it is so crucial that whoever may be over your IT services is prepared for it. 

One thing we preach at Inception Network Strategies is that you have to plan ahead of time and have a plan in place before any change, whether positive or negative, occurs. We keep this mindset to minimize the amount of risk brought upon your business during the event of a change. For example, if an employee leaves your company, it is the job of your managed service provider to revoke that employees access to any company related technology or network. Even if this event happens quick, the people handling your IT services should be just as quick to make the necessary adjustments to protect your company’s sensitive data. This will help keep your business operating and running like it usually would. 

The other area of concern when it comes to change is during the event of a disaster. Every small to mid-sized business should have a disaster recovery plan in place to avoid a total loss of data and important company information. This plan should be a well thought out and documented plan so in the event of a disaster, your team is ready to jump into action. Your disaster recovery plan should include specifics on what teams are responsible for what information and how they are going to keep that information in the hands of the company. 

Some of our best advice for this is to utilize regular backups on confidential company information, as well as saving important documents into the cloud so that they can be accessed if lost on a hard drive. Your IT team should have their own responsibilities when it comes to the disaster recovery plan and what information is vital to keeping the business running after a disaster. It is the job of all teams to identify the crucial aspects to keep the business functioning and how to best protect them in any event. 

Disasters can come at any time and from anywhere. When a business is unprepared in the event of a major disaster, whether natural, technological, or financial, it can utterly cripple a business and possibly shut it down completely. Don’t get left unprotected. Keep your business prepared for change whether it be positive or negative.