You probably think your company is too small to outsource your IT. After all, isn’t getting professionals in to manage your limited IT system a bit overkill? It might surprise you to hear that outsourced IT support is growing in demand for small and medium-sized businesses. Because even for a small setup, outsourcing can save a company a lot of money. So here are five compelling reasons why outsourcing your IT support services can save you money.

1. You’ll Tap Into Expert Technical Knowledge

We’ve all tried fixing our laptop or tablet from time to time, realizing that hours have passed, and we are as frustrated as we were when we started.

The truth is, most of us aren’t technical experts. It takes time and training to get the technological know-how you need to run business IT systems.

Why not take a shortcut and hire people who already know your IT system’s in’s and out’s? They’ll have existing knowledge of systems, processes, and suppliers, which is easily transferable to your IT environment.

2. Expenses Are Predictable and Steady

IT costs can be unpredictable, especially if exposed to something disastrous like a data security breach.

Outsourcing your IT support gives you an element of predictability in your business that will help you manage costs and cash flow.

Depending on the arrangements you have in place with an IT support company, you could arrange a monthly fee for your managed services.

That means you won’t have any unexpected extra costs during a difficult business period.

3. More Efficient Use of Your IT

Are you using your IT infrastructure efficiently? If you aren’t an expert in the field, the answer is: probably not. But that’s not a problem when you outsource your IT support.

A good IT company will know how to introduce a more efficient IT setup to your business environment, whether more efficient hardware, streamlined processes or upgraded software.

Improved efficiencies mean more cost savings for you.

4. More Productivity

You hire people for their expertise in their field. So it makes sense you want your staff working on the tasks that will bring in revenue for your business and not wasting precious time waiting for their laptop to work.

That’s why many companies insist on managed IT services. They know from experience that it helps boost the productivity of their workforce, so they can maximize their working hours and always have dependable IT to hand.

5. Less Downtime

Downtime doesn’t just impact staff productivity. It can have a disastrous impact on a business, particularly if that downtime impacts customers or sales (if your website is down, for example).

Even a few minutes of downtime can mean thousands in lost revenue for some companies. Don’t take the risk with your IT. Ensure you have someone to get your IT running again if the worse happens and your systems crash.

Is It Time to Outsource Your IT Support Services?

Unless you are a technical specialist, you’d probably prefer to work on the tasks you love than spend an afternoon fixing a broken laptop or unresponsive website.

So take the opportunity now to get the cost savings that are on offer from outsourcing your IT support services and delegating those critical tasks to an expert.

Take that first small step today by getting in touch with our team to talk to you about what managed IT services would benefit your small business.