Are you spending too much time trying to fix IT issues? If you are a small business and are not taking your IT support serious, then you are working harder not smarter.

It costs your productivity taking time away from you or your employee’s primary job. Nobody is making sales if they are spending their time fixing IT issues.

You want to see how you can work smarter and not harder? Leverage professional IT personnel, and let your employees do their job? Then continuing reading.

IT Support For Your Small Business

Small business needs IT support like a big company needs IT solutions. Often a small business will rely on whoever is the most tech-savvy person on staff.

That works for a while, but it isn’t a long term solution. Instead of fixing IT problems around the office employees should be focusing on business goals.

No company makes money when your employees are distracted from their core duties.

There are five things you need to look for in an IT support company:

1. Free from contracts – Some companies will try to lock you into a two or three-year contract. Contracts are great for them not good for you. Nobody likes to be locked into a long-term deal.

Contracts leave you with few options, cost you money to get out of the contract. Business needs change all the time, so if you are locked in a contract with the vendor, you lose some flexibility to change as your business changes.

Try to find a company with a month-to-month contract with an out clause for 30 to 60 days. Pay as you go is another good option. Most modern IT companies are moving towards this type of arrangement.

Some companies offer a flat rate. Flat rates can be useful because you know how much to budget. However, you need to know how much service the flat rate covers and you that you need it because you may end up paying for more than you need.

2. They are Proactive – If your IT company is only answering tickets and replying to emails for support, then they may be missing some opportunities. Don’t get the wrong idea; answering tickets and emails is a big part of what IT companies do.

Preventing the need for some tickets and emails is where tech support for small business can stand out from the crowd.

Reduced tickets mean less time working with IT and giving you more time growing business. Spend that time answering your customer’s questions and solving their problems.

3. Experience – Is the network support company familiar with your industry? Do they have certificates for the technology on your computers and network? Are their certificates current? Are they receiving ongoing training for the programs they have a certification?

When considering a tech support company, you need to ask these questions. You need to know that they have the skills and training to service your equipment.

4. Data Security – Good tech support for small business will have a data security plan. You want a company that has some expertise in data security and can create a plan for your specific needs.

Why is this so important? Because there are no 100% foolproof plans to stop new cyber threats. However, a company that can keep ahead of them can help protect your data.

5. Service Level Agreement – The network support company you use should have guaranteed response times spelled out. These times should be a part of any agreement or contract.

Along with the response times, there should also be something that covers what they will do if they cannot keep their guarantee.

Get The Right Tech Support Company For Your Small Business

The five things to look for in IT support listed are critical. You can’t skip on any of them, or you won’t get the service you need.

The training, skills and service level a tech support company can provide you is just as important as the other areas of your company.

Technology is an excellent tool we all rely on, so take it seriously and hire the right tech support for small business and contact us today.