Modern times have forced many changes to what we consider a normal workday. The world of business is transitioning more and more into cloud-based solutions and online environments. Every day your company’s reliance on its network can cause increased strain on the backbone of the services you provide. Even if you are embracing a new standard of working from a home office or planning a return to office life, your network’s infrastructure may be in dire need of an upgrade. Whether you are looking to improve network capabilities or searching for fully managed IT services, continue reading to find out if our network cabling services are the right solution for you.

1. Performance

Technology waits for no man. Standards must adapt.

Performance or reliability issues will become increasingly apparent as the number of devices in your network grows over time. If your network cabling isn’t up to current standards such as Cat 6, your network’s performance could suffer.

These newer standards are designed to maintain modern requirements for data transfer rates and provide greater bandwidth over increased distances.

2. Downtime

Network slowdowns and downtime during business hours aren’t normal. That’s what the weekends are for.

The reasons for this could be anything from severe weather to a server issue or even someone tripping over the wrong cable. Another possibility to consider would be insufficient or older network cables.

If this sounds familiar it may be time to think about updating your network cabling.

3. Damaged Cables

As offices endure the wear and tear of constant traffic and endless meetings over the years, network cabling can become worn or frayed. This can cause a noticeable degradation of network speeds and reliability. Be sure you are updating network cabling over time if reliable speeds and connections are expected.

4. New Office

Even if the views in the new office have improved, the network infrastructure may be a downgrade from your previous iteration.

Ensuring the configuration in your new space is meeting your needs is crucial. Issues ranging from old cabling, missing or broken wall ports, jacks, and A/V configurations can bring production to a screeching halt before it even gets off the ground.

Professional cabling services can help you identify and secure a proper infrastructure from day one to one thousand.

5. Cable Management

If you are working in a small business or DIY setting, maintaining your own network cabling management can pose its fair share of headaches for even the most technically inclined individuals.

Upgrading existing systems or simply working to improve cable management within the server closet can bring the most organized professional to their knees. These steps are crucial to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment. If they go overlooked for too long, they can pose serious roadblocks when other regular maintenance is needed.

Next Level Network Cabling Services

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